Types of Driveways and How to Achieve the Best One

Have you ever dreamt of owning an attractive driveway, while flipping through an interior magazine? Well, we all have!

Driveways can be a great addition to your property. They are not only attractive, boosting your home’s curb appeal but they further add value to your property as well. And with the right contractors and driveway builders, you can definitely bring your favourite design to life.

But before you indulge in the process of getting your driveway installed, it is important to make some simple considerations. For instance, what type of driveway do you want? What material would you prefer? Furthermore, discuss the need for a Drop Kerb Basingstoke with your contractors too. Dropping a kerb before a driveway is installed, is usually crucial, depending upon your property’s whereabouts.

Types of Driveways

Driveways are a great home improvement method. It is a quick way to modernize your space. But deciding which “type” of driveway you want, is important. You can certainly discuss this with your builders and they will suggest the right one, depending on your property and personal requirements. However, having a handful of knowledge, in regards to the different types available, is equally important.

Here are some of the most common types of driveways that you can opt for.

1. Concrete Driveways:

Concrete driveways are seen a lot in homes these days. They are modern, elegant and a little affordable too. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain as well, which makes them a popular choice for the busy generation nowadays.

Concrete driveways are further segregated into two types, i.e.

  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Plain concrete

Plain concrete is great if you are trying to build a driveway on a budget. However, if you are willing to spend a little bit, you can opt for exposed aggregate concrete as it is further polished to enhance its elegance. However, both look absolutely stunning and create a beautiful landscape for your property.

Drop Kerb Basingstoke
Drop Kerb Basingstoke

2. Asphalt Driveways:

Yet again, if you are on a budget, asphalt driveways won’t disappoint you. The costs involved in asphalt driveways are extremely low, in comparison to the other ones. However, these driveways demand constant maintenance and proper care. Moreover, asphalt has to be resealed at least once per year.

3. Cobblestone/Brick Driveways:

If you are on the lookout for a high-end and luxurious driveway and have the budget to spend on it too, then brick or cobblestone driveways are certainly the best choices to make. Brick driveways are durable and can last you for years. However, they do require regular maintenance to keep them in proper shape. If you can spend on professional yearly maintenance too, then opting for this type of driveway is fine.

4. Paved Driveways:

Some driveways are a combination of two different types or styles of driveways. Natural stones and brick pavers are two of the most common types of paved driveways. They are extremely appealing and enhance the outlook of your property exceptionally. But paving driveways require quite some time for installation. Furthermore, you must hire expert builders as paving a driveway is a tough and complicated task and requires a lot of experience. If installed wrong, their outlook is ruined.


This is it! These are the 4 different types of driveways that you can choose from. However, there are different factors that help you make a decision. For instance, your budget, property style, and your personal taste and requirements. Moreover, discuss the need for Drop Kerb Portsmouth with your contractors as dropping a kerb is crucial. For trusted services, you can always rely on 1M Civils Engineering as they have been in business for years now and can help you build beautiful driveways for your homes.

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