Types of API Testing Automation Tools

API or application programming interface testing is a process of automatically testing the efficiency and functioning of an API. APIs may be checked using this procedure for accuracy, compliance, and effectiveness. API automation testing is conducted to ensure that an API is reliable and living up to the user’s demands. A large variety of API automation tools are available for this testing to assist your company.

Tools and Technology for API Automation Testing

The testing of APIs may be done using a variety of API testing automation tools. A few of the typical ones are listed below.

api testing automation tools
api testing automation tools

1. API Management Platforms

These systems offer a consolidated area for maintaining and evaluating APIs. They may assist in increasing productivity and cutting expenses by centralising all API-related processes. Different options for API automation testing are available on API management platforms, including:

  • Analytics and monitoring tools enable you to track all the evaluations related to productivity and pinpoint places that require development.
  • Another option is a developer portal. This offers a centralised interface for the users, which assists the developers in having a deep understanding of your application programming interface and ways of utilising it. This also provides another space for developers to use your APIs.
  • API management platforms also provide integration services that allow you to link other software or systems to your APIs.

2. API Mocking Tools

For testing reasons, you may build false API communication touchpoints using mocking tools. When an API is being developed or before it is made public, these versions might be useful for simulating its functionality. Characteristics of mocking tools involve:

  • One of the best features of this tool is that it enables recording the queries and answers and then later playback these while testing.
  • You may mimic many situations with this capability, including load testing and stress testing.
  • Another feature of this tool is that it lets you check the response of your API to mistakes or inaccurate data by injecting faults.
  • This tool also mimics sluggish network conditions by artificially lagging API answers.
api testing automation tools
api testing automation tools

3. API Testing Automation Tools

Tools created exclusively for evaluating API applications. These instruments look for faults, possible issues with the coding of API, and issues with core functionality. They may examine how APIs work and how well they work with various systems and gadgets. Common API testing automation tools include:


This API testing tool enables users to test the functionality of REST as well as SOAP web services and APIs. It allows users to obtain the complete source code and construct the desired features. It also makes creating tests easier by utilising options like drag and drop.


This open-source software assists users with automated testing for user interface and is one of the best API testing automation tools. This tool features focused on efficiency and an intuitive user interface for all types of projects.


Postman was primarily a Chrome plugin that evolved as an on-premise service for Windows and Mac. It is an intuitive REST client that has a quality user interface. It is also accessible for interactive as well as automatic testing.

api testing automation tools
api testing automation tools


Apigee is an API testing automation tool compatible with multiple cloud software that enables users to manage, construct, and monitor API functionality. It has many steps and is JavaScript-powered. Monitoring API usage, the margin of error, and speed of response, also identify problems with the performance. Using this software, you can quickly build an API gateway using open API standards and install it within the cloud. This solution is for smartphones, information-rich APIs and applications that fuel digital enterprises.


There is a wide variety of tools available for automated API testing. These systems are capable of making API testing faster and better. You can conduct all kinds of testing for your API with the help of these tools. You can refer to the above-discussed API automation tools.