Twitter Salaries 2022

In a recent report, a group of independent employees revealed that Twitter is paying its employees horribly outside of the U.S. The researchers, who wished to remain anonymous, said that their salaries outside of the U.S. are incredibly low, compared to salaries in other countries. This has caused internal attention to the company’s pay practices. But how can Twitter improve its pay practices? Let’s find out.

Average salary

In the past, there have been some questions raised about the average salary at Twitter, particularly given that the company is headquartered in California. As a result, the company released a salary dashboard to increase transparency, but it seems unlikely that the huge discrepancy will change anytime soon. According to Twitter employees outside of the U.S., the company told them the difference wasn’t based on the cost of living or the average salary in the various countries.

The data also reveals that salaries vary from country to country, with Level 6 Curation leads making $226,000 in San Francisco and up to $149,000 in Australia. In Ghana, Level 3 data specialists earn $51,000, while their equivalents are $29,800 in the UK. These figures were taken from internal Twitter documents and were only current as of April 2022. Some employees have already considered their futures at the company, despite the disparity.

The average salary for a Twitter employee is $161,223 per year. This does not include grants of stock, which make up a large portion of the overall compensation package. The company must disclose the base salary for foreign workers in order to comply with US labor laws. For example, a marketing intern at Twitter will make $60,778, while an engineering manager will make $218,870. That is a significant difference for those who are trying to break into the company.

Unlike some other companies, Twitter pays employees well compared to other Big Tech companies. According to Insider analysis of first quarter salary data, Twitter pays software engineers and analysts over $100,000. Some of them even earn more than $200,000 – not bad for a startup. If you’re interested in a job at Twitter, it’s worth preparing for a technical interview. So, what’s the average salary on Twitter?

Locations paid

Salary data on the social media platform Twitter shows that salaries can vary by 225 percent depending on location. The Salary Range Dashboard shows salaries for similar jobs around the world. For example, a curator lead in level 6 role in San Francisco earns $226,000, while the same job in Australia pays $135,000 and $65,000 in Mexico. Twitter employees can view the Salary Range Dashboard and compare their salaries to those of their peers in other locations.

According to the data provided by the US Department of Labor, Twitter hired 100 visa workers in the first quarter of 2022. While the data does not reflect the number of grants given to these foreign workers, these grants are significant parts of the overall compensation packages. According to the US Department of Labor, Twitter is required to disclose the base salary of its foreign employees. This base salary must be equal to the amount paid to their US counterparts.

The company’s global reach means that staff members in one location often pass the baton to their equivalent positions in another country. This means that people earning half of the salary in Ghana are likely to interact with colleagues in countries with higher salaries every day. The low salaries are causing many Ghanaian staff to seek better paying roles outside Twitter. This situation is likely to increase with the increasing number of tech companies that operate in the same region.

In addition to Google and Reddit, Twitter pays different salaries depending on their location. In Seattle, WA, employees make the highest salaries, while in San Francisco, CA, workers make an average of $174,872.


When it comes to bonus payments, you can expect to find a pretty wide range. Bonuses at Facebook and Compass are likely to be much smaller than those at Twitter. If you want to know how much your bonus could be in 2022, you can read our bonus calculator. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the bonus may not be negotiable. So, be sure to factor it into your overall salary.

If you’re negotiating for a base salary, Twitter is generally competitive with other Big Tech companies. The first quarter hiring data for Twitter indicates that the company pays over $100,000 per position. Some roles pay up to $200,000. Here are some of the roles where you could potentially earn more. Note that the salary ranges are only listed if there are two or more hires, not if one person made a lot of contacts.

As for bonuses, you should know that Twitter is patient with you, and will wait to offer you more money if you can’t do it yourself. However, they do have strict deadlines, so be prepared for an extended interview. It is always a good idea to discuss any possible extensions with the recruiting team. You may need to meet with the hiring manager to get the necessary approval. You can also ask for an extension if you’re unable to work in your desired location.

Despite the fact that Jack Dorsey is paying a lower salary for the same position, he believes in Twitter’s long-term value creation potential. Despite his hefty compensation, he’s still worth $12 billion. Agrawal joined Twitter as a software engineer in 2011 and has risen through the ranks to become Dorsey’s closest partner. He will earn a USD 1.40 million salary per year in 2022 and a stock award worth $12.5 million at the end of his tenure.


The Perks of Twitter salaries in 2022 will likely be very similar to those of other companies in the same industry, according to an Insider analysis of first quarter hiring data. The social media giant paid over $100,000 for dozens of roles, including analysts, engineers, and software developers. The company also pays above average for a variety of other perks. In addition, Twitter is required by law to disclose the base salary of all new foreign workers, which must be at least equal to what it pays its US workers.

The Perks of Twitter salaries in 2022 will likely include education-related perks, including tuition reimbursements. The company has created a “college-friendly” culture in its office, so employees can attend classes during normal working hours while earning a salary. The company provides free coffee, so they can study with their colleagues in an environment that encourages higher learning. There are other notable perks at Twitter, including flexible hours and a supportive company culture.

In addition to a competitive salary, Twitter provides a range of other benefits, including comprehensive health insurance and paid time off. The company also reimburses employees for gym memberships and communication devices. A healthy work environment leads to a more productive workforce, so Twitter also offers health care benefits. The company covers all employee health insurance premiums, prescription drug subsidies, and mental healthcare. Employees are also allowed to take five months of paid time off after the birth of a child. This benefit applies to both men and women.

As Twitter’s CEO, Parag Agrawal will receive a salary of US$ one million. He will also receive US$ 12.5 million in restricted stock units. These units vest in 16 equal quarters beginning in February 2022. The company also plans to give employees extra time to complete other necessary processes. The salary offer will depend on whether or not the company will match competing offers. The company is known for their patient approach.

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Cost of living in each country

To measure how expensive living is in a particular country, the CPI is often used. This measure of price increases includes basic items such as shelter, food, clothing, health care, and gasoline. Depending on the country, costs can change faster or slower than income. Cost of living data is often used to compare the cost of living of different cities to determine how affordable they are. This article will discuss the cost of living in several countries, including Twitter.

The company released its salary dashboard in May 2020 and announced compensation adjustments based on location and cost of living. A few employees of Twitter told Input magazine that they were surprised by the wide disparity between their pay and the salaries of Twitter employees in various countries. Input’s reporter asked managers about the discrepancies and received a defensive response. However, one employee shared his thoughts on why Twitter released the salary dashboard, stating that it was done to increase transparency and not to change the pay disparity.