Traditional Games being Brought to the Online Realm


One of the many side effects of the modern pandemic life has been a very large upsurge in traditional and local games making their way onto the internet. These are the games many cultures associate with and enjoy. These board games are a big part of the cultural aspect of any culture, and they can be very important for the culture. It is important to protect them, and online sources can make it easy to do so.

It is very interesting to note that this upsurge has been very sudden, but many traditional games around the world have grown to immense popularity in recent decades. This might be because these were once family games that allowed people to interact with their peers and elders in the family, giving them a simple excuse to interact and enjoy one another’s company. With the restrictions that exist today, the following games have been made available online for anyone to play like the online ludo game download. It is very easy to create games with your family and loved ones and get together on a call to play. These games are:


Chess is an absolute classic game that has found near-global appeal all over the world. It is a game that is equated with intellect and knowledge, and it is a game that is loved by people all around. Chess is a test of strategy and the foresight one can bring to the table. It has a very long history, and it is respected and acknowledged globally as a competitive sport. Its origins, however, are in the realm of family games that are played all around the country. Its origins are traced to an ancient game similar to chess called Chaturanga, which grew into prominence in the Gupta Empire and was played with different kinds of 4 limbed units of the war.

The game is a strategy game that has been played for centuries and has grown to be one of the most popular board games to date. This game is played all around the world and has a very strong online presence with various websites and applications that can cater to players wanting to explore, learn and play the game.


Ludo is another game that has become an absolute home classic for many families. It is a game about going around the board, capturing units of others, and making your way back into your base. The game is a game of luck but is loved all around the world due to its sheer simplicity. This game, too, has ancient Indian origins with it originating many centuries ago, being traced back to ancient Indian texts such as the Ramayana, and its evidence is as old as the Mughal Empire. The game has a long history, and today too, it has a continued presence all around us. The rules have changed a little from the archaic version, but the essence of the game continues to be the same.

The game is available on a few online portals and websites where the online ludo game download is available to and plays with your friends, family, and loved ones.


Go is a very popular board game of Chinese origin. Also known as Wei Qi, it is a very intensive and vast strategy game that is played with two players that use white and black stones. The game has a crucial and long history in the Chinese scholarship systems and was considered to be an important element for any Chinese scholar to learn and know the game. The rules seem basic, but the game itself is very complex, and some even consider it to be more complex and intense than something such as Chess. The game today is very popular in countries such as South Korea, where the game is well-loved, and many families watch the game being played and also actively participate in it. The GO community is strongest within Korea, where professional players are treated with great reverence and respect.

The game has found an online presence and has grown in popularity in the online space.


Mahjong is another very popular Chinese game that has grown its presence globally. The game was played among 4 people, with multiple sets of tiles. The game itself is incredibly complex, with many rules and complicated systems that take up a great deal of energy to do. It can certainly take a fair bit of time to master. The game is incredibly rewarding to players that grow to be good at it. The game is loved greatly by many people. It has become a part of Global culture due to its presence in Windows as a built-in game. It is now playable at multiple online sources and websites that cater to the demand.

Online gaming has come a far way, and today it has become a way to preserve and give prominence to these traditional games that are loved and enjoyed by all.

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