Top Picks From Men’s Eid’22 Stitched and Unstitched Collection

Fashion is not just for women but men must explore trends to look up to date and classy especially on Eid. Eid is a joysome occasion for males and females so why should females only get to enjoy dressing up? Pakistani fashion designers have put forth a variety of Eid-ul-Adha collections and options for men to choose from.  Pakistani men clothing consists of a wide range of ethnic garments that fit into the main trends that are popular this Eid. Clothing for Pakistani males mainly consists of kurta pajama for men, sherwanis, and pathani kurta pajama for men. In terms of history, Pakistan’s traditional dress styles are heavily influenced by Mughal fashion, the influence can be seen in latest Eid-ul-Adha collections, offered by Pakistani fashion brands.

The distinguishing attribute of Pakistani men’s clothing is the common usage of lightweight textiles that are both comfortable, durable, and robust appropriate for the Eid season. They also include modest stitching that gives them a luscious, classic consistency while remaining understated and exquisite so that they look classy yet comfortable to observe the act of sacrifice. In Pakistani men’s fashion circles, both traditional and modern styles are prominent. Traditional styles, which have conventional silhouettes,  culture rich color schemes, and elaborate needlework, are ideal for rituals and celebrations and to go in style this Eid. Younger generations may opt for  current trends this Eid that include new style kurta trends that offer a seamless blend of western and Pakistani patterns.

Don’t mind the heat!

Scorching heat should not bring your dressing up plans down, if you want to make your Eid  more reliable and happy, all you need to do now is invest in comfortable and soft fabrics. Selecting a men summer dress for Eid during Pakistan’s unbearable heat wave is a difficult task. But, do not fret opt for lightweight cotton suits to freely and efficiently participate in the Eid activities. Several top brands have launched their ready to wear and unstitched men’s Eid collection, putting forth their best men dresses for you to look captivating this Eid. 

Top ready-to-wear articles for MEN

1- 2 Piece Embroidered Wash and Wear Suit

The perfect pick for Eid-ul-Adha is this classically designed menswear with up to date style. The fabric of this outfit is lightweight and incredibly soft, as well as being highly durable. It has an appealing color palette perfect for summer Eid. It features an embroidered ban collar that enhances your overall look. It comes in three sizes and two different fitting options. Depending on your preferences, you can have a slim fit or a standard fit. Grab this outfit today from men’s clothing stores or buy mens clothing online!

2-Men’s kurta embroidery designs 2022

For this Eid or even for weddings and festive occasions, embroidered kurta designs are a fantastic choice. The Lucknowi Chikankari Kurta is fashionable and versatile since it can be worn in any season. Threadwork on men kurta also looks classy and chic. This design is for males who don’t want to wear heavily embellished styles yet want a hefty kurta set. Alongside kurtas, pajamas require detailing for an enticing appearance. Mirror work and jaal work on kurta pajama new style are popular these days.

3-Floral Print in Men’s Kurta

Solid basics are a comfort zone for men’s Eid selection but for men who want to adorn charismatic confidence this EId, opt for floral prints.  Floral prints are all the hype this season incorporated on new kurta pajama as well. Floral-print kurtas may be paired with light-colored churidars. These kurtas are perfect for casual occasions. If you’re going to wear these kurtas, make sure they’re in pastel colors. You may add a shimmering border to your kurta if you think it’s too plain.

4-Geometrical Prints In Men’s Kurta Designs

The new Pakistani gents kurta designs for this Eid include geometrical patterns that convey a contemporary outlook. When it comes to this print, you may also utilize contrast shades. You may choose between random geometric designs or prints that are aligned. Choose from red, olive green, midnight blue, pink, lemon yellow, and many more refreshing colors.

5-Trending Men’s Short kurta designs latest 2022

Kurtas come in various sizes for various events. Similarly, the outlook of the clothes is determined by the length of the kurta. Short-length men’s kurtas are divided into two types.The first one is a longer length kurta, the length is longer than a shirt but the length is shorter than that of a kurta. Both kurta styles are the easiest looks to pull off this Eid, perfect for men who want to opt for a casual look with a traditional touch. 

6-Evergreen Men’s kurta with waist-coat

Waist-coats for men have the potential to turn any attire into a classic graceful look. If you want to add some personality to your basic kurta this Eid, a waist-coat is the way to go. Depending on the occasion, choose a plain or embroidered waistcoat. You may choose color blocking with the same family of colors, but keep in mind that the waist-coat should seamlessly mix with your clothing and not appear like a separate entity.

Top fabrics to pick from men’s unstitched Eid collection

1-Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is popular because it is easy to maintain and keeps you cool and dry in hot, humid conditions. This medium-weight fabric is appropriate for pants, shirts, dresses, curtains, sheets, and children’s clothing. Lightweight cotton is suitable for shalwar kameez, kurta, shirts, and dresses. Pants, outerwear, window coverings, and work attire are all made from heavier materials.

2-Silk fabric

Silk is amongst the luxurious lot of fabrics. In winters, the low conductivity of the fabric keeps one warm, while in the summer, the high absorbency wicks the moisture away. It’s a satin weave cloth with a low weight. They are typically constructed of polyester fibers. 

3-Polycotton Fabric

This is a blend of polyester and cotton, with 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester. It’s usually a lightweight plain-weave fabric that’s crease-resistant and durable. However, it is less breathable than cotton and might make you sweat if you wear it near to your skin in hotter regions. It is widely used in Pakistani mens kurta embroidery designs, perfect for people to adorn in northern regions.

4-Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is made out of a mixture of 55% linen and 45% cotton. It’s a natural fabric with linen and cotton qualities combined. This cloth offers a lot of appealing properties. It is an ideal punjabi traditional dress male due to its breezy wear perfect for humid regions. 

Schiffli Embroidered Kurta from Sapphire.

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