Top Listed Restaurants to Dine in Riyadh


A lot of people visit Riyadh all around the year but most specifically Muslims come to Riyadh or Jeddah for the execution of Umrah. They mostly avail 14 nights Umrah packages for this purpose and they can also explore Riyadh and dine at its best and top-class restaurants. Several restaurants in Riyadh are extremely costly for what you receive, and you won’t find them on our list. Listed below are the best places to enjoy local and international cuisines:

Terrazzo Brazilian Restaurant

The Brazilian restaurant terrazzo is located in the Faisaliyah hotel. This buffet style restaurant, located on a balcony facing the Globe and also the Faisaliyah courtyard fountains, serves a variety of meats cooked on an outdoor grill. Great songs, a laid-back ambiance, delectable cuisine, superb cuisines, and no discrimination is what make it top-class.

Lenôtre Restaurant in Centria Mall

The renowned French restaurant outlet in Riyadh is situated on the mall’s level 3. They offer a lovely outdoor patio with views of both the Faisaliyah and Kingdom buildings. Wonderful cuisine and exquisite sweets are served.  It is operated by a Princess and is among the few venues in Riyadh where ladies are permitted to dine freely.

PAUL on Tahlia Street

Breakfast is particularly delightful here, with beautifully baked buns and loaves of bread from the famed bakery. Ladies can also use the outdoor sitting area. PAUL Restaurant and Bakery Riyadh have an extremely outstanding view.

Tao Lounge On Tahlia Street

The ideal fashionable lounge is replete with lofty ceilings, comfortable sofas, an outstanding environment, and superb foreign food. The Bistro by TAO in Najoud Mall is great to visit for several delectable cakes and specialty sweets, as well as a unique and productive menu.

Najd Village Restaurant

It is located near Prince Sultan University. This is the best ever spot to visit in Riyadh for foreigners and locals alike. The restaurant is created in the style of a typical Saudi home and features authentic Saudi food. An unforgettable encounter, particularly for first-time visitors to Riyadh!

Maya Chocolaterie On Tahlia Street

A chocolate connoisseur’s joy. This Restaurant Interior is entirely about chocolates, with molten chocolate pouring through pipes! Relish in scrumptious fondue, rich scents of sweets, and beautiful chocolate treats.

Mirage Chinese Restaurant

Asian food in a charming atmosphere and big fish aquariums throughout the restaurant will keep the youngsters entertained. Tourists may dine in cabins placed over a tiny pond stocked with huge goldfish within it.

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