Top Game streaming platforms of 2022

What would videogames be like today without live streaming? The Esports industry is, as of 2022, is in fact owed huge debts to not only the streamers out there, but also to the streaming platforms too.

There’s a different kind of excitement and wonder when you watch your favorite esports player take to the floor with competitors during live broadcasts. Streaming platforms can provide the exactly the same thrill and joy repeatedly.

Additionally, a business that focuses on streaming video games can be an extremely lucrative one and there are many businesses that have developed their own live-broadcasting platforms over time.

This means it can be difficult to decide which one to follow and which one not to. To aid you We have compiled an article today that covers five of the top streaming platforms for video games in 2020.

Some of the popular Online game streaming sites of 2022.


For a long time, Twitch has remained the leader in streaming games on video and 2022 will be not any different. It boasts some of the top streamers on its roster and has a stunning UI that offers a range of options for interfaces.

Twitch is free to join and, by simply visiting the website, you’ll be able to access a range of streams and videos not just streamers for hobbyists but also professional esports players as well.

Furthermore it is worth noting that Twitch turbo is a paid Twitch turbo account gives an abundance of other personalized options for the user, in addition to access to other chat rooms as well as exclusive emoticons.

It is now possible to play online at no cost. Explore the latest virtual sandbox, where players around the globe gather to share and create unique virtual experiences. can help you make your dreams come true. This is the moment to discuss the gg roblox. So, let’s get started.

Anyone of any age can enjoy Roblox since it is designed for all age groups. However, youths aren’t expected as being able to play Roblox. According to studies 67 percent of Roblox users are younger than sixteen. and 14% are older than 25 years old.

In spite of the different aspects however, it is most beneficial for the users to know that Roblox is not just an online game. It’s a platform where players can make games and then share the games with others. However, it is expected that all players will be satisfied with Roblox. However, Roblox could contain sexually explicit and violent images and content. However, in the current version of Roblox, graphic content is strictly prohibited.

If parents are concerned about security, they can manage their profiles and instruct their children to access through their accounts. Parents can utilize pins to guarantee your account’s security.


The company was created following the merger of HitBox and, Smashcast is hailed as having one of the top user interfaces of all the popular streaming platforms out on the market today. Alternatively, you can chose BNSF Emulator

For gaming purposes

It features a stunning design and color scheme. It also comes with precise video categorization capabilities which allow you to categorize your most loved videos into ‘private’ public,’ and adult only.’

But unlike Twitch and YouTube however, you’ll need an operating system that has greater performance than the typical machine. Smashcast allows in-built capture cards as well as external gadgets to capture live streams.

YouTube Gaming

The YouTube video gaming platform might not be the most appealing streaming website however its beauty is largely due to its ease of use and simplicity.

Additionally, the quality it delivers is truly amazing, like video editing sites Xvideostudio Video Editor, The platform can support 4K video resolution and 60 fps frame rates.

The unique transcoding options are another feature to the website that streaming users enjoy and the site lets users organize their favorite streaming channels in a neat and tidy manner.

Gosu Gamers

Gosu Gamers is another up and emerging video game streaming site which has seen lots of attention and attention in recent times.

It is in close contact to the esports community all over the world. It has a wide range of games available on the platform and prominent streamers like Voyboy.

Their content is excellent However, they’re still growing and there is plenty to be desired from the platform, particularly its interface. It isn’t very appealing.

Afreeca TV.

Afreeca TV is the streaming platform that professional gamers love the most. It offers some of the easiest live streaming options available to gamers. But, it could be somewhat difficult to use for viewers.

Although it’s video cataloging features are good, it’s not comparable to other streaming platforms we’ve listed.

Afreeca TV does have a good amount of content that is of high quality and is certainly very popular.

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