Top bedtime stories to read for your kids

bedtime stories to read

There are so many bedtime stories to read are available, which are considered to be very interesting. Basically the bedtime stories to read are being used by the parents of the kids in order to read for them and also to make them asleep.

Here are some of the major as well as the top most wonderful bedtime stories to read for your kids are mentioned below in the article. Have a look at them and continue reading the article to know more about the same.

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Story: 1 Kitten’s first full moon in the night

The kitten’s first full moon is one of the best as well as a very interesting kind of the bedtime stories to read. Have a look at the same.

There was a sweet little kitten who wanted to see the full moon in her life at least once. And she waited for the same a lot and when she actually got to see the same. She saw a moon in the sky, a full and complete moon. Basically she thought that it was a normal bowl of the milk kept by someone in the sky. She wanted to catch the same and want to drink it. Therefore, she tried to stretch her head as much as she can do. She also opened her little mouth and also started licking the bowl of the milk on her own without having it with her in real life, she just imagined the complete scenario. However, she wanted that milk for real therefore she started jumping towards the sky in search of the same milk. But she could not make the same actually.

In fact, that little kitten tried each and every single kind of the possibility that she could do and also she waited with the hopes in her eyes and saliva in her mouth for that small and sweet little bowl of the milk. She chased the milk of the sky a lot to her great capacity and possibility. She is still waiting in hopes of the mind. Even after doing all the possible things for her milk she could not just make it therefore she is a bit scared and demotivated now because she did not get her bowl of the milk of the sky.

She run the race with the same moon and got hit with the tree still the wish of getting the milk was so high that she tried it again after racing she created a complete new plan of reaching to the moon by jumping and running towards. But she kitten was not so smart that no matter how hard she will try she will never get towards the sky and get the same what she wanted to have.

She become so sad and demotivated and feeling hungry a lot. So, she decided to go back home and take rest. Guess what did she saw there? A bowl full of the milk was there in front of her on the ground. By doing slurp! Slurp! She finished all her milk in one go and went to sleep happily and satisfactorily.

So, this was the sweet story of a sweet little kitten wanting to drink a bowl of the milk from the sky.

Story: 2 the night boy

It has been said that the nights do not sleep. In fact, nights make all the living things sleep.

There was a boy who wanted to play a wonderful and an interesting game with his sister but then the day was told to him, dear! Have patience. The night will surely play with you and your sister surely. He waited patiently. Again night said, dear! It is still not yet dark at night. You will not be able to see me at all until and unless it is a dark night without the sunset.

Then the night comes, but then day tells that little boy to come and find me if you can. The game was started already with the night and darkness. The day said that find me as soon as you can so that we can go back home and sleep. Both the siblings went on playing and they were actually enjoying a lot on this particular game a lot. Sister said that it must be in the area of the space. Come let us find the same. Both of the siblings were actually playing the game of hide and seek in which they all were so happy and happening to play the same. Then the boy said to her sister and night that get ready and let us go as my space ship is now ready to rock.

Then night gathered all her comets and other accessories and grabbed her spaceship to rock on the same. But then there was a teddy, which was a sweet little teddy who got stuck in between the who thing because he was so hungry and wanted to have some great snacks. They packed some of the cool and tasty snacks for him and he eated them all. Finally the space ship was taken off from there. Teddy again got distracted because of the hunger then he wanted some special kind of cookies as well as juice for him. The whole of the stars and sky became a milky way for him and he just wanted to eat the same.

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That was a very great and cool night, which is being used in such a way that there were a lot of the venues there, a lot of the stars were there, also the milky bar galaxy was there. Suddenly a voice comes in to the boy that was night saying that is me! In the sky and between the planets over there. See! That’s me. Then all the people present along with them understood the curiosity as well as the excitement of the boy and the night and let them be and talk whatever they wanted to say.

Everything was going on the same and they kept playing in the dark night similarly for a very long time and enjoyed it a lot. Then the boy felt a little tired and also felt sleepy, so he went to his house and lay on the bed to sleep.

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