Top 5 Picturesque locations you’ll want to visit in Bristol

Prepare your camera, because your next journey is in Bristol! This city welcomes nearly 11 million people every year. Why? The answer is simple – there are picturesque locations that are just begging you to visit them! There are harbours, buildings, parks and even more to see! Still, feeling unsure? Then here are our top 5 locations you will want to visit in Bristol for sure!

When is the best time to visit

There are two best seasons to visit Bristol –  summer and early autumn. In summer, you will be able to enjoy warm sunny days near the famous natural attractions. If you care about the prices for the accommodation, vehicle rental, and tickets, then you can visit in autumn. Grab your friends, book car hire at Bristol Airport and spend the best time in Bristol!

Best locations

Clifton Suspension Bridge

It is a suspension bridge that is one of the most popular landmarks of Bristol. It links Leigh Woods and Clifton and crosses the River Avon. The author of the design was Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The building was finished in 1864. The bridge is also paid and that is why it has certain incomes that provide great maintenance. The construction was used in filming, different programs, and advertising. Moreover, it served as a venue for important cultural events, such as the 2012th Olympic Torch Delay.

The bridge is a popular tourist attraction, which is known for the picturesque views and fantastic photos you can take there. You can study more about the bridge’s historical background and buy some souvenirs at the Visitor’s Centre. There are even more activities to do:

  • Wait for the illuminations;
  • See the River Rise and Fall;
  • Observe Peregrine Falcons;
  • Have fun on the Children’s Trail;
  • Discover the rare flora of Avon Gorge.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge is located 30 minutes away from the airport.

Ashton Court Estate

The place used to be Smyth’s family house. Nowadays, the territory of Ashton Court Estate reaches 850 acres and plays the role of a historic park, open for visitors! The area is covered with grassland and woods.

If you are interested in golf activities, then this place is for you. Families can also enjoy picnics and various games in the open air together! You can also pay a visit to the local café!

The estate is located 20 minutes away from the airport. The place is open the whole year.


The dock used to be an important merchant spot, where sellers and sailors exchanged goods and started various voyages. Nowadays, the place is a wonderful tourist spot that attracts people for the beautiful city views and a huge number of facilities, such as hotels, bars, shops and restaurants.

Among the activities you can try is having a walk in a Sunday market. At the same time, there is paddleboarding and yachting, which everyone should try at least once! You can also simply have a stroll by the riverside to see the other cool attractions, such as Spike Island, Bristol Aquarium and even more!

If you are planning to visit the place straight after your flight, then you can book a car hire beforehand, or you can examine the local public transport schedule. If you use an automobile, the road will take only 20 minutes.

Clifton Observatory

The place is located right near the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The observatory went through a renovation in 2015, and now it is ready to show you the most amazing views of Bristol!

Tourists can rent a venue, visit the 360 café, where everyone can try the local specialties, and observe the exhibitions in the museum nearby. Birthday celebrations and weddings are welcome in the Clifton Observatory!

You can find the place 20 minutes away from the airport.

Castle Park

The other name for this attraction is Castle Green. Bristol City Council maintains this public place. Castle Park can be found near Castle Street and Floating Harbour. Opened in 1978, it covers 29,000 sq metres and possesses a number of memorials, connected to the Second World War.

Within the territory of the park, you can find several interesting historical landmarks, like the ruins of Bristol Castle. Moreover, a number of memorials can be seen, such as St Peter’s Church’s ruins. Tourists are allowed to have picnics or use the park zone as a venue for specific events.

The attraction is situated 30 minutes away from the airport. The place is easily accessible by public transport. If you visit the city for the first time, you can easily hire a car in Bristol and take your friends to a picnic. The more, the merrier!