TOP 5 Bridal Options for Pakistani Bridal Showers 

Bridal showers are a new addition to the wedding season culture in Pakistan, a trend only recently borrowed from Western culture and media. Because it is not a culturally rooted wedding event, the clothing for it can’t be traditional bridal dresses either. This begs the question – what should brides wear on their bridal showers? The answers are simply endless!

What to Keep in Mind During the Selection

The most important step is that while choosing the color, you should go for one that is vibrant and festive but also one that will not be worn by the bride on any other day. This is to ensure that there is a variety of outfits, and the bride can stand out on her big day. Just to be cautious, it may do you good to choose the colors worn least by brides, such as black, grey, white, or brown. But if you think this may be too drab, you can stick to any color that has not made the cut into the bridals.

The bride’s comfort should be a matter of utmost importance as this may be one of the only events where it can take precedence over appearance. It may help matters to tell the bride not to wear heels or heavy clothing and jewelry, just to ensure that their comfort is not compromised. If she feels that, as a bride, her look is falling short without jewelry or heeled shoes, you can always help glam her look up by gifting her matching flower jewelry for the special occasion. Because upcoming, major wedding events cause tons of stress and sleeplessness, you can do your best to make sure the bride is comfortable.

Wedding dresses are expensive and a long-term investment, meaning that whichever one you go for should be worth your while. Although the brand name and price tag are important determinants of a dress’s goodness, it is also important to consider factors such as what cut suits you the most or which color may look good on you and has also not been chosen for any other event.

Here are a few clothing options and cuts that embody the perfect blend of western and eastern.

Gown Options for Bridal Showers:


This traditionally shaped dress is one that has a dramatic, flowy skirt along with a fitted torso. The bodice is separated from the flare by a yoke, which is what makes it different from an A-Line gown. This works best for people who have slender or pear-shaped figures, because the lower body gets hidden under the flair whilst accentuating the waist. However, they are a no-go for short people because ballgowns fluffy and bulky on them.

Trumpet Skirt

This particular cut is ideal for people who have an average weight and are of moderate to tall height. It features a semi-full skirt that flares out right under one’s hips, creating a bell or trumpet-shaped hem. It can be floor length, mid length, mid-knee length, and even have a slit in it! Because it is both figure hugging and complimenting, it is ideal for people who are neither too thin nor thick.

A-Line Gown

An A-line gown is one that has a silhouette in the shape of an A – meaning whereby, that it is fitted or figure hugging at the bodice and flared at the bottom. It is comprised of one continuous piece of cloth which extends from top to bottom. For people who want a bridal dress with a long tail, this is the ideal cut to go for. Plus, if you’re looking for something that slims you down whilst enhancing all the right curves, this is the perfect silhouette for you!

Sheath Gown

This particular cut looks the most phenomenal on people with lean and skinny figures, of tall or short height alike. Much like a sheath on a sword, the dress, cut to perfection, clings to your body and highlights every curve and edge.  It gives the body an overall contoured appearance, by hugging your figure with its fabric.

The Mermaid Gown

This dress is one that mimics the silhouette of a real-life mermaid – meaning whereby it flares out at the knee, whilst maintaining a very fitted and figure-hugging appearance at the top. Thinner and slimmer people end up looking the most attractive in mermaid gowns purely because they accentuate their bodily contours. Mermaid gowns generally gained a lot of popularity because they embody fairytale-like essence of appearing like a beautiful princess from a far away land.