Top 20 Universities In The World: A Global List

 247 Exam Help is all about helping students get the best academic assistance, from Online Exam Help to giving you the best academic pieces of advice, we have you all covered! We know that the hardest part about being a student is taking big decisions on which your entire future depends. The hardest decision at this point is choosing the right university for yourself that not only gives you a degree but also makes sure that you get proficient in whatever field you choose. This is why we have made a list of the top universities around the globe that can be a smart decision for your future! Read on;

Harvard University

 When it comes to top-notch education, the best academic pick for students is Harvard University. This university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the best stop for students who want to excel in their careers in research.

Stanford University

 This private university in Stanford, California, is also a really good option for undergraduate, graduate, and higher-level students. Its campus is equipped with dozens of facilities since it is one of the largest campuses in the entire United States.

University Of Oxford

 University of Oxford or more popularly known as Oxford University is situated in England. It is the ultimate hub for students who want to research. If you are an English enthusiast, this place is definitely for you.

University Of Cambridge

 Looking for a university that has the best education plus all the necessary facilities? Cambridge University can be an option that you should definitely look into. This university is in the heart of England which makes it the center of diversity!

Yale University

 Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, is one of the strongest organizations for growth in terms of academics. If you are looking forward to boosting your academic career, this university will provide you with loads of opportunity.

University Of Chicago

The University Of Chicago, located in Chicago, Illinois, is another top pick for students. This university is extremely considerate of the standards set for academic purposes. If you are looking for a trustable university, go for this one!  

Princeton University

 The Princeton University of New Jersey is all about high standards and making sure that every student turns out to be a gem for the academic world. If you are looking for some real-life experience as a student, this is a nice place to start!

University Of Toronto

 Toronto University is a public university in Ontario that provides students with just the right exposure. So, if you want to climb the ladders of success and achieve the academic succession that fulfills your cravings, this is the right stop!

Cornell University

 This university in Ithaca, New York is fully equipped with the best; be it professors, curriculum, or even facilities. This university has it all! Looking for academic growth? This is the ultimate place of your dreams!

Duke University

 The Duke University of North Carolina is one of the major contributors to the academic world! The students of this university get to have the exposure of a lifetime that helps them become the absolute best!

University Of Sydney

 This public university in Sydney, Australia, is one of the student favorites. Many students consider this university as their dream university –yup, it is that good! So, if you are looking for a good university, this option is considerable.

King’s College London

 Thanks to their great progress and extremely proficient staff, students from all over the globe consider this university one of the absolute best! This public university is in London, England, so what are you waiting for?

California Institute Of Technology

For all technology lovers; this university in Pasadena, California is the dream destination for you! If you are looking to achieve your academic goals and want to become a tech-geek, this is the right university for you!

Columbia University

 This university has made it to the list of top universities on the basis of its standard of education. The top-notch quality of education along with expert professors is what highlights this university the most! Thus, you can also choose this university for your academic career!

Northwestern University

 This university in Xi’an China has some really high standards of education. China as we know is already quite vigilant about the future of its students so you can count on this university and its alumni to help you get to the ultimate succession level!

Peking University

 Another amazing university in China, Beijing is Peking University which can help you achieve your academic goals without any hassle! The quality of education that they ensure here is what makes them one of the best universities, globally!

LMU Munich

Another country that is extremely well-known for its education in Germany. Within Germany, the university that has managed to make a reputable name is none other than LMU Munich. Thus, you can also apply to this university if you want a bright future!

Georgia Institute Of Technology

 Georgia Institute Of Technology is also one of the top-rated universities in the US. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this university is all about unwavering standards of education and providing its students with the best growth opportunities for their future.

Erasmus University

 Named after a famous philosopher, Erasmus University is all about creating independent thinkers who are willing to delve deep into the research world and create a prominent name. If you are interested in research fields, this can be the best pick for you!

Boston University

 This private university in Boston, Massachusetts is another student favorite thanks to the many growth opportunities that it provides to its students. From the professors to local amenities, everything is absolutely top-notch in this university which makes it the absolute best!

 These are a few recommendations that we, as the best Online Exam Help Services providers believe are the absolute finest ones for your career. So, if you are looking for universities that are not just good with academics but also provide you with necessary facilities and growth opportunities, pick any of these! Of course, we recommend that you do your prior research as well and see which university has the best scope for your field. We hope that this blog by 247 Exam Help has helped you get the clarity and answers that you need, happy choosing!