Top 11 Delicious Cakes For Special Occasions

We have said it before and will repeat it: A traditional wedding cake won’t go out of style ever. But why settle for a typical white & classic confection when your wedding day can be an attraction that is uniquely yours? So, order cakes online now or send cakes online to your friend’s wedding party, whether you are not a lover of ordinary big-day cakes or are hooked on a selected sweet treat. Furthermore, you can also present a unique birthday cake to your close friends on their birthday occasion.

Your wedding dessert is ideal for sharing your tastes with your guests. Ready for inspiration? Consider dressing up a standard cake with extra treats (doughnuts or macarons, for example), choosing a completely different sweet (brownies, waffles, & hello!), or embracing a non-cake dessert to celebrate your wedding heritage or location.

11 Delicious Cakes to Order on Any Special Occasion

Here are some delicious cakes that you can order on nearly any occasion. So, avail of our finest online cake delivery services now.

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake With Roses

This 4-tier stunner would look beautiful at a summer wedding. Use cream garden & pale pink roses to make a cascade of flowers down a single side of your Cake, then place a couple of them at rock bottom to finish the planning.

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake With Fruit Filling

Since the layers & filling of your Cake will be visible, you’ll use it as a chance to feature even more detail in the planning. Finally, add berries and other fruits to the ready mix for a dessert that is naturally colorful & appetizing.

Stand Tall

Can you believe the percentage of little pastry pieces in composition with this dessert? This croquembouche cake features a design of white iced choux pastry with much caramel to carry it together. We love how this dessert makes a press release, with one yellow bloom to end the design.

Contrast Layers

Love the look? Consider making a sweet dessert display around the croquembouche cake. While the ultimate piece may have to be attached just before serving the ultimate dinner course (remember: they do not hold for long!), it might be well worth the effort.

Pair With Pastels

Croquembouche can loan itself to such graceful displays when dressed up, which is often certainly among them. And with a hoop of greenery & florals at the bottom, this design perfectly pairs with a chic wedding theme. So, take advantage of our online cake delivery services if you want to pair your cake with pastels.

Think Pink

Just as you adjust the filling inside a croquembouche, you’ll add icing on the surface. Next, match your towers to your wedding theme by using baker’s fondant to feature slightly of color to every choux pastry — it doesn’t matter if your palette is pink!

Anniversary Theme Cake

Let your sweet partner bloom every day because you will surprise them with a heart-melting anniversary cake like this – caricature vanilla cake. Imitating your affection, giving an anniversary-themed cake will 100% make your partner fall crazy for your love all again. So order cake online to sweetly show your love and affection to your life partner via this full-worthy Anniversary Theme Cake.

Baby’s First Birthday Cake

If you are not sure what you should order on your baby’s first birthday, this is a simple and easy cake idea. This cake is moist, made from whole grains, and healthy. This Baby’s First Birthday Cake doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners. Also, it can top this cake with various fruits and nuts. If you are not sure of how you should proceed, you can also consult your pediatrician. You can make your cake’s healthy and vegan version as well without eggs.

Cartoon Smashed Cake

Cartoon Smashed Cakes are made using natural ingredients such as maple and banana syrup. Also, they are covered with soft frosting. This Cartoon Smashed Cake is ideal for smashing nearly any celebration. In addition, you can also add some tiny figures as well that your child loves. You can order a cake with your family as well, such as your sibling or even your favorite cartoon character, and offer them on your birther’s happy birthday cake. own. You can also layer the Cake with his favorite fruit, strawberries, and bananas.

Classy Bachelorette Cake

Bachelorette parties are a fling for a bride-to-be, a farewell to a single life, and an excuse to let her hair down. The bride-to-be can let loose with her friends, and her Cake can be as naughty or classy as she would like. Here are some classy bachelorette cake ideas for a wild night. Send cakes online, such as this Bachelorette Cake for the party.

Pink is a great color for a hen party, and the color of this semi-naked Cake is right on trend. The pink semi-naked Cake is adorned with blush and rose gold prosecco macarons. This feminine cake is sure to steal the show. Make sure to incorporate the bride-to-be’s favorite flowers to round out the look.

Three-Tiered Bachelorette Cake

Another bachelorette cake idea is a three-tiered presentation. Each tier can represent the bride’s past, present, and future. For example, to celebrate the future bride, the tiers could contain pictures of the bride in various stages of her life – from her childhood to her current photo.

In addition to a three-tiered cake, you can make a banana cake. Banana cake can be made from mashed bananas, egg, and flour, baked at 180 degrees, and iced with a low-fat cream cheese frosting. Our online cake delivery services will help you to get the best quality cake like this Three-Tiered Bachelorette Cake.