Top 10 WhatsApp Business Solutions Providers in Pakistan – 2022

WhatsApp Business API offers a wide variety of features that allows businesses to sell their products through WhatsApp more effectively, professionally, and efficiently. The most popular feature of this service is the ability to offer a single Team Inbox – registered on a single telephone number that allows multiple sales agents to use it simultaneously. This provides a single view and a single interface for salespersons, rather than many interfaces. Whatsapp Business API Business Solution Providers (BSPs), WhatsApp’s affiliates, developed these applications. However, the market is saturated with countless BSPs, and selecting a preferred one can be quite a hassle sometimes. Fret not. Because we have compiled a list of the most affordable WhatsApp for business solution in Pakistan. If our list will help you to make a more informed decision, drop us a line.
  1. Convex Interactive 
It should be no surprise that Convex Interactive leads the list of best WhatsApp API solutions for business in Pakistan. Providing WhatsApp for business solutions, this API allows you to send customized and unified messages, elevate customer engagement, initiate efficient and proactive chatbot services, and offer a single platform to manage all your messages. The best part about this WhatsApp marketing solution for your business is that it enables you to focus on delivering exceptional customer service and care.
  1. WATI
In the second spot on our top WhatsApp Business API providers list, we have WATI. The company that has made customer engagement on WhatsApp straightforward. The WhatsApp Business API solution provider offers eCommerce, EdTech, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, and Healthcare services. Once you hire them, you’d get a wholly shared team inbox, broadcast & bulk messages, custom notifications, developer-friendly, native integrations, and no code chatbot to facilitate your customers worldwide.
  1. Haptik
Haptik’s WhatsApp Business API solutions, especially chatbots, are used by some of the world’s leading eCommerce, financial services, and telecom brands to generate more and more transactions and lower support costs. With 350+ live WhatsApp solutions for businesses, 1 billion+ chat interactions, and an average 20% lower resolution time with every client, Haptik is the perfect candidate for the third spot on our leading WhatsApp Business API solution providers in Pakistan.
  1. 360 Dialog
360 Dialog is a verified WhatsApp Business & Integration API that provides a direct and easy WhatsApp API that is easy to integrate, on-premise, fast and automated, transparent, and comes with highly scalable SaaS pricing. The provider offers WhatsApp API expertise in Human Resources, FinTech, Retail & Facebook Advertising, Automatic, and Telecommunication fields.
  1. Infobip
Infobip is another easy-access and integrated WhatsApp business API solution provider in Pakistan that allows unlimited, fast, convenient, and flexible customer interactions. The most exciting features of infobip WhatsApp API include speed-up onboarding, sending digital documents, managing loyalty schemes, scheduling appointments, and customer support in 10+ different timezones. Also Read: WhatsApp Business API or App: What’s the best for your brand?
  1. Brain Crop Solutions
Reach countless users on the world’s most popular messaging platform through Brain Crop’s streamlined WhatsApp business API solutions. What makes them better than the rest is that they have partnered with Sinch, a global leader in messaging, to provide robust, enterprise-grade solutions to get in touch with your customers worldwide.
  1. Intellexal Solutions
Intellexal Solutions’ WhatsApp for business solutions allows you to send real-time alerts & notifications and automated replies to your customers anywhere. If you are on a tight budget, then Intellexal Solutions’ WhatsApp API solutions are best for your purposes with 24/7 tracking, reports, and consultancy.
  1. Intellicon
Intellicon is a popular WhatsApp business solution that allows businesses to create an automated chatbot, send notifications and alerts, generate more quality leads, and engage their targetted audience in a unified inbox. Additional Intellicon features include branded messages, IVR to WhatsApp deflection, drag & drop flow builder, 360 customer profile, reporting, and dashboard. If you are looking for omnichannel communication capabilities to deliver a delightful customer experience. Then Intellicon is the right solution for you.
The second last WhatsApp Business API solution on our list can be a little favorable to eCommerce businesses. If your business requirement primarily focuses on marketing, selling, and post-sale support, then is the best WhatsApp API solution. is a business messaging platform that allows businesses to send promotional messages, initiate conversational sales and support, and send transactional notifications efficiently.
  1. Gupshup
The last WhatsApp business API service provider on our list is non-other than Gupshup. This provider offers a very simple, secure, and familiar customer engagement experience for your customers. Its advanced API tools enable you to implement self-serve, straightforward, no-billing commitment

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