Top 10 Ways To Write A Good Article

Article Writing Services in Pakistan

Article writing is a skill that only passionate people can learn and use as a medium to earn a respectable income. Like the rest of the world, the field of article writing is growing in Pakistan at a very fast pace. Each day new writers are emerging in the market with their unique and interesting articles. The need for articles is increasing so much that many educated people have started article writing services in Pakistan.

Top Tips To Polish Your Writing Skills

Several new writers do not feel confident enough to write for leading companies and need guidance to improve their writing skills. The following are some commonly used ways to polish your article-writing skills and join the top article-writing services in Pakistan.

Select A Topic That Suits Your Knowledge

Before you start writing an article the very first thing that you should do carefully is the selection of the right topic. Try to choose a topic about which you have a lot of information. Try to do deep thinking about the topic you want to write about. Sometimes there are topics about which you are already well-informed.

Determine Your Audience

Before you start writing on a topic you should be sure about your targeted audience. Once you know your audience you can write content to which your audience could easily relate.  If your audience is adults then you have to use different vocabulary. And if it is for teenagers then you have to use simple language that they can easily understand.

 Make The Introduction Attractive

The majority of new writers are not aware of the rules of article writing and make the serious mistake of writing a long and boring paragraph. According to expert article writers, the introductory paragraph of an article should be short and precise. It should contain a hook that can successfully attract the readers towards the rest of the content and they show keenness in reading it till the end. You should try to start your article with short and captivating content of one or two sentences.

Write A Short And Informative Article

The best article writers are the ones who write engaging but informative articles that are neither too short nor too long. In the busy and fast-paced world of today, no one has enough spare time to read lengthy stories like articles. They prefer reading content that may be short but provides all the required information in a short time. According to the international standards of good writing, you should write short paragraphs and even shorter sentences. Each sentence should not be more than 20 words. The short paragraphs are not only easy to read for the readers. But for you too writing a short paragraph will feel like an accomplishment. When you write a short interesting paragraph the reader feels excited and wants to read just one more. Like this, he is attracted to your content and reads the whole article.

You should use good vocabulary

One thing that every new article writer should do is read the literature in the language they are writing the content. If you inculcate the habit of reading your vocabulary would automatically improve. A good vocabulary is a must for article writing. The writers who do not have time to read can listen to the big news channels in which the best vocabulary is used. If you have a good vocabulary the chances of plagiarism also minimize.

Avoid Wordiness

Avoid wordiness in your articles. The thing that can be said in five words should not be said in fifteen as it creates the feeling of boredom and the reader loses interest in such content. Several new writers make the mistake of repeating the same thing by stating it in two different ways and this harms the article content and the writer loses his writing.

Avoid Fluff And Provide Substance

Many new article writers make the mistake of fluffing the articles with irrelevant stuff to complete the word count. It is the worst thing an article writer does to harm his reputation. When you write an article make sure that every sentence that you write is informative and provides the answers to all the questions that arise in the minds of the readers. For example, when you write an article about Covid-19 you should provide the maximum general information in the point way. Try not to write content only for content writing but for conveying a special message and providing some precious information.

Research A Lot

One thing that makes an article worth reading is the research that you have to do as a writer. Before writing an article the writer should do extensive research about the topic he will be writing about. When the writer provides facts and figures with subjective content it makes the article more authentic. When you do research your knowledge increases and this increase helps you write more articles related to this matter.

Use Best Grammar

It happens quite often that the article writers do not pay attention to the grammar that they use in article writing. The grammatical issue deteriorates the standard of your writing and you start losing readers. You should try to use the best possible grammar in the articles that you write. You have to check the grammar of your article with the help of various grammar-checking software to make it perfect for publication.

Beware Of Plagiarism

One serious mistake that can ruin the career of an article writer is plagiarism which may be found in the article that you have written without you knowing about it. Many times it happens, that you do not copy any content from anywhere. But still, you get a warning for removing plagiarism from your content. The digital world of today is blessed with a lot of tools that writers use to check the flaws in content. And some even provide suggestions about how to replace the copied content.