Top 10 UPS for computers

Interruptions and problems are the last things you want while working on a computer. Hence, a constant supply of energy is a must.

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be convenient in providing such an even supply for a few hours.

UPS for computers is a great boon for someone with a high frequency of powercut and issues with power supply. 

Their use and need are worth the money and provide a better flow without facing such issues.

List of top 10 UPS for computers:

  • APC Back-UPS BX600C:

They come with 230 volts and 460 wattage input to supply enough power to continue the work.

Its standby time of 20 minutes is like other UPS but has the advantage of fast charging.

This UPS for computers has a decent shelf life of 3 years with LED light in a compact size.

They can cost up to 3k but varies with the website and seller.

  • Luminous UPS 600va:

Their 4-hour standby provides advantages by giving enough time to save or continue working.     

Its 12V and 7Ah are from a lithium-ion battery, thus providing a powerful but efficient backup.

They have new batteries indicating every operation in a sophisticated manner.

This Luminous UPS can cost you around 2.9k – 3k, enough for such a long-lasting UPS.

  • Zebronics ZEB-U775

A multi-purpose UPS assists in many ways and protects your computer from overload and fluctuations.        

This UPC for computers comes with a 4-hour backup capacity and 230 volts output to maintain the flow.

Its Lead-acid battery works without any issues of overheating and overloading.

This Zebronics product has a standardized price of 3k and hence makes a better option for you.

  • APC 900VA Line-interactive UPS

Because of its features and specification, they tend to have professional use in such a workspace.

Their short standup time of 15 min for any one device is one con you can see in this model.

But their control panel and alarm system are some features that make you want to buy them.

This UPS for computers can cost you up to 6k, which is a bit costly.

  • Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA

A durable yet efficient product, this UPS for computers has a long shelf life and professional uses.

This model gives a constant supply without issues because of its 140-300 volts input to a sufficient output.

Because of its 20 min standby life, they have commercial uses providing heavy-duty work.

They have many additional features and are user-friendly. Hence, a perfect option for you.

This Microtek Legend model price is around 5k but worth the cost.

  • IBall Nirantar UPS 622:

A classic manageable personal UPS best for any personal use and known for its cost efficiency.

Their 600VA/360 wattage and 6-hour battery life make them a better option for gaming and entertainment.

This model of Iball UPS has a high demand because of its alarm system and LED indicator lights.

With a multi-port system, they have a 1-year warranty with other service facilities.

This UPS for computers is an affordable and cost-effective price at 2k.

  • Zebronics ZEB-U725 600VA:

A UPS specific for PCs and laptops is known for its use for personal or professional services and is cost-effective. 

Its input voltage of 140-300V has a balance to output supply giving a perfect condition for work.

Its average battery life is 1.45 hours, enough to continue or finish work without interruption.

This UPS for computers is a pocket-friendly option at a price of 2k.


This VGUARD model is one of the best sellers known for its reliance and longer shelf life than an average UPS.

They have an average battery life of 15 mins with a 2-year warranty providing all the services.

Its capacity of 600VA/300W is optimal for professional and personal work to save it.

This UPS for computers has a perfect performance-to-cost ratio at 3k.

  • APC Back-UPS BX1100-IN:

This model is Amazon’s best seller because they have all the factors for a personal or commercial product. 

Its capacity of 1100VA/660W in multi-compatible features provides perfect reasons for such uses.

They have a battery life of 90 min with a recharge time of 6 hours, which is the same as other UPS.

This model for commercial uses can cost around 6k, depending on the seller.

  • Foxin 600VA/360W UPS:

A completely automatic UPS that protects your PC from many threats, this Foxin product is the best in terms of cost and performance.

This UPS for computers has a 600VA/360W capacity with a load capacity of 1kVA/600W.

Their average battery life lasts for 30 min for users to save any type of work.

Thus, a model of this company may charge you around 3k.


Interruption in power supply or fluctuation is common these days. Hence use of these UPS is necessary.

Know your needs before choosing or buying any one of these, so read carefully and do your research.

Every UPS on the list differs in specifications and the place you use. Hence, choose one that is best for you.