Top 10 Online Learning Platforms For Making Your Academic Future Bright!

In the past few years, the concept of online learning has considerably evolved and transformed the way of academic learning. Now, it is quite a well known fact that online learning is reasonable yet effective way of modern education, as it saves your time, energy and effort. In the present time, online learning is considered far better than conventional education.  Nowadays, a huge number of students from all across the world consider online learning as their study buddy because of its unmatched and distinctive benefits.  10 Best Online Learning Platforms That Student Must Know


With the advent of online learning platforms, students can enhance their learning and academic skills from the comfort of their home, sitting in their couch, and that too at the most cost-effective prices, which is quite less as compare to conventional education.

Online platforms will undeniably make learning quite interactional and make academic studies enjoyable. With this facility, students can passionately enhance their academic grades and performance without putting so much effort.

We expect that almost every student comprise a solid understanding of how online learning platform helps them to make their academic future bright in the best way possible. However, with the advancement of the Internet, there are a number of online learning platforms are available over the web, so how you can pick the most appropriate one for you?

Below are some of the best (Must-Know) Online Learning Platforms of 2022, which can surely help you in achieving your desired academic success. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Skillshare
  2. Mindvalley
  3. ExpertsMind
  4. Udemy
  5. TutorsGlobe
  6. StudyPurpose
  8. MiracleSkills
  10. LinkedIn Learning (Ex Lynda)
  11. Skillshare: (Skillshare for hands-on creative classes)

This platform is one of the well-acknowledged online learning platforms over the web. It encompasses a huge set of more than 27K+ classes that are categorized into three groupings: Thrive (Lifestyle and Productivity), Build (Business Analytics, Freelance & Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Leadership and Management, Marketing), along with Craft (Creative Writing, Animation, Music, Graphic Design, Film & Video, Photography,  Web Development, and so forth).

Team Skillshare believes in a project-based perspective to learning that lets students to broaden creativity and implement latest skills in life. The course offered comprises of two parts: a video presentation of around 30 to 60 mins along with a class project.

Before approaching this platform, you must keep in mind that Skillshare never offer any certification course, instead it’s a place to learn new skills and enhance subject acquaintance. The premium membership of Skillshare offer indefinite access to each and every class in the library.

Overall, Skillshare is a great value for money online platform. The fee is comparatively low and the quality of class is outstanding.

  1. Tutorsglobe: (Mindvalley for leveling up your life with best programs and instructors)

According to me, Tutorsglobe is one of the best online portals for the best personal growth in academics. The main objective of this platform is to assist students in succeeding in their academics while their work part time simultaneously. This is one of the best options for individuals who would like to enhance their life in different fields within minimum time period.

The library of Tutorsglobe comprises of over 50 courses, taught by industry best experts in their respective fields. The course curriculum is categorized into different groups: Career, Mind, Relationships, Performance, Soul, Relationships, Body, Kids, Teens and Parenting.

Each course lasts 40 – 50 days and it generally consumes 25 – 35 minutes a day to accomplish a video-based session. The membership of Tutorsglobe comprises limitless access to all course sessions along with certifications after finishing off the course. In my opinion the fee structure is appropriate.

  1. ExpertsMind: (ExpertsMind is for solved university assignments and course assessments)

ExpertsMind is currently a fastest growing online learning platform founded in the year 2005 by two IT specialists in a joint endeavor. This online platform is a team of highly fanatical, dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals, who are the best in their relevant field. The whole team utilizes pioneering and latest methodologies and technologies for teaching students, so that, they can have better learning experience. Their portfolio comprises a number of services, such as, online tutoring, academic help, homework help, assignment help, and so on with complete satisfaction.

Expertsmind team is empowered with professionally skilled and talented team of professionals, who all are recruited after strict selection process from all across the world. The platform is highly reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate, which any student can blindly trust on for achieving better academic results.

The whole team work with the main aim to offer students worldwide the most exceptional online services at the most competitive price, so that; anyone can afford it and get benefitted in the best possible manner!

  1. Udemy: (Udemy is for learning skills from video courses)

Udemy is one more well-liked online learning platform among students. It encompasses a massive library of around 150,000 courses, which makes Udemy the best, when talking about the academic content. By using this platform, students can surely enhance their acquaintance in any field or stream easily.

Dissimilar to others, Udemy don’t offer unlimited subscription, students have to pay for each and every course independently, which is apparently a downfall. Though, the courses are quite reasonable and come with a reimbursement policy, if in case, you don’t like the course.

The courses in Udemy are categorized in into 13 different groups: Business, Personal Development, Finance & Accounting, IT & Software, Health & Fitness, Academics, Office Productivity, Photography, Development, Design, Lifestyle, Academics, and Music. One thing, which impresses me a lot, is that the courses are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced, not just in English however as well in Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German, and many more.

Each course in Udemy comprises a video tutorial of 30 minutes to 5 hours long. This is not an accredited institution; however students get a certification after completing a paid course.

  1. TutorsGlobe: (TutorsGlobe is for getting customized solutions)

TutorsGlobe is now one of the most preferred online platforms among students globally. The entire team works with the main aim to provide impeccable solution documents to all the students, who are in academic needs and are unable to get work completed of their own within the stated time period. With TutorsGlobe students will get the best possible work that will surely enhance their academic grades and performance.

The solution library of TutorsGlobe platform comprises of 9400 textbooks, where, students can find out textbook solutions and download quality papers within no time. The subscription prices are quite reasonable and can fit it everyone’s pocket without any hassle.

In the present time, this online platform has gained a brand name in the education market and every year students from more than 120 different nations approach TutorsGlobe to attain their academic success.

With approximately more than 21000+ professionally qualified and skilled writers, TutorsGlobe aim to offer first class education to students WHENEVER and WHEREVER as per their convenience. So, don’t think too much and start browsing TutorsGlobe for textbook questions and answers within no time.

  1. StudyPurpose: (StudyPurpose for quality papers, study resources, and Q&A!)

This online platform comes into subsistence in the year 2016 and is one of the best online digital learning platforms, in which students can get their academic problems resolved by the industry best professionals.

If you would like to access top quality papers, study materials, professional writer’s help along with QA discussion forum, then StudyPurpose is the best place for you. The team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who all are obtainable 24×7 and guarantee top-notch solutions within stated time frame. Here, students will get the facility of unlimited resources and academic content to precisely finish off their academic jobs. Along with this, students can as well get subscription options to get their written contents public easily.

StudyPurpose is undoubtedly the king in providing free sample papers, study materials, eBooks, essays, and online tutorials. I recommend you to be the part of StudyPurpose to experience numerous benefits today.

  1. (Brilliant for getting assistance on STEM subjects)

Brilliant is one of the online learning platforms that mainly concentrate on STEM subjects – Science, Math, & Computer Science. Here, the course curriculum is particularly designed for both adults and children of age group 10+. The team works with the aim to make learning interacting, engaging and fun, and this makes them the best for the young students.

Students can get assistance on a wide range of subjects, such as, Algebra, Advanced mathematics, Logic, Geometry, Calculus, Classical physics, Quantum mechanics, Basic computer science and so forth.

The monthly and annual subscriptions of Brilliant give students the complete access to a huge number of practice quizzes in each and every course topics.

  1. MiracleSkills: (MiracleSkills for flawlessly drafted assignments)

With a dedicated panel of approximately 2K+ writers and authors, MiracleSkills is considered as one of the most honorable online learning platforms over the web. Along with almost all the academic tasks of assorted subjects, the writers and authors are capable to cope with HND and BTEC academic problems too. With extreme expertise, the team is competent to maintain top-quality content, which surely provides guaranteed satisfaction to students globally. This online platform is founded in the year 2014 and work dedicatedly to offer inclusive online services for the college/university students, especially for the UK students.

MiracleSkills is nowadays one of the most trustful brand names among students of UK and as well acknowledged worldwide for quality driven write-ups, essays, assignments, homework, QA, and many more. The students pursuing in the UK prefer MiracleSkills because of its top quality work and budget friendly prices.

The work provided by the experts of MiracleSkills is outstanding in terms of quality and will always assist students in earning their desired scores. With this online platform, you can always anticipate well-drafted and high-quality job within or before the specified time frame.

  1. (Edx for studying high-quality academic content)

Edx is famous for offering best college-level online courses. The platform was established by MIT and Harvard, and always assures top-notch quality courses. Students can avail the course on Edx, with the exemption of professional education courses for free of charge.

This online platform offers more than 2,500 courses on diverse subjects comprising Biology & Life Sciences, Chemistry, Education & Teacher Training, Architecture, Medicine, Art & Culture, Environmental Studies, Science, History, Food & Nutrition, Law, Electronics, Language, Physics, and Music. The courses generally comprises of both the text and video content along with the assignments. There are as well course discussions where students can inquire questions and interact with associate students. Edx gives the facility of downloading any content and can watch offline.

  1. LinkedIn Learning (Ex Lynda): (LinkedIn for advance learning directly)

Hardly few years ago, LinkedIn attained one of the oldest e-learning sites named Lynda and moved entire content to its own platform – LinkedIn Learning. The portal now provides thousands of top-quality courses for all academic levels, from beginners to advanced, comprising a broad range of subjects, comprising the Web Development, Economics, Software Programming, and Business Management.

LinkedIn Learning encompasses a particular monthly subscription fee that provides students you access to all the content available on the platform. The courses incorporate bite-sized modules that assist in understanding information in a better manner.

LinkedIn Learning lets students download any course for offline viewing, which impresses me a lot as a student.

Final Words:

In the year 2022 the world is changing; the work culture has transformed from office jobs to working from Home. Top rated colleges and universities have begun to acclimatize themselves to the online learning approach. This is the latest formula nowadays to make your academic future bright.  But the main problem is to find the most appropriate online platform for you. Hope the above list will help you to decide the best fit for your academic excellence. Best of luck!