Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs In India To Follow


The Digital Marketing Blog is an information portal that focuses on the latest developments in the digital marketing industry. They are maintained by academics and enthusiasts with years of experience in the field and aspirations for industry growth.

If you are looking for making attention-seeking content for your audience then you must use the following Digital Blogging Platforms for your content.


What is a Digital Marketing Blog?

A digital marketing blog is a repository of content covering the latest trends, techniques, strategies, tools, and more in digital media. Some of these blogs also conduct research studies to help you understand which social media platforms are right for your brand and how to create content for your target audience. These blogs bring you the digital marketing news you need to know to stay up to date. It also serves as a guide to success in the online space.


myHQ Digest

myHQ Digest gives entrepreneurs and startups easy access to work cafes and coworking spaces. Their core business is providing shared office spaces in Delhi, but they also run curated blogs to bring their readers an insight into the world of entrepreneurship, freelancing, and digital marketing.

The information shared on this blog has been updated and thoroughly researched. For example, if you want to know about the leading digital marketing tools for brand growth, you’ll find the information you need here. Additionally, techniques and strategies for becoming an established freelancer are readily available at MyHQ Digest.


Socia Samosa

This is founded by Ankita Gaba and Aditya Gupta in 2011. This is the first blog to share its sophisticated content about digital marketing. This portal brings together content and expertise from established social media specialists, alumni, and administrators. It also connects with active social media users who have been using social media platforms since the beginning and have followed their growth closely.

Here you’ll find our blog includes agency highlights, campaign reports, in-depth case studies, interviews, tools, and more. You can also learn from other brands’ campaigns and familiarize yourself with new tools. This will help you to improve your reputation as well as your writing skills on social media. 



Campaign Idea was launched in 2007 and focuses on India’s fastest-growing advertising, marketing, and media sectors. We cover trending topics in digital media. The platform is recognized as the only source of information to help online marketers with their marketing plans. Content is typically news and opinions from the digital world.


Social Beats

The Social Beats blog covers a wide variety of topics. Their primary audience is digital his marketers their CMOs who want to make a presence in the online world. Information to help brands learn strategies to drive online business growth. Their insights and targeted strategies also help you get the best ROI from your digital marketing efforts.



Lighthouse Insights is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about digital marketing. Deliver breaking news and digital media trends. He is also one of India’s few digital marketing blogs that consistently interview big names in the creative world. Users can greatly benefit from these articles as they contain important digital facts and insights.



Most users refer to afaq for the latest information in the advertising industry. For example, if you want to know everything about advertising and marketing in the digital space, Afaqs is the right place. Afaq’s strategy of making content is different from other digital marketing blogs in India. It includes information about an industry figure and also evaluates online trends for his campaigns. You’ll see social media stats in addition to big-name guest posts in the advertising industry. It also provides information on current developments in the digital world.


Digital Vidya

This blog is one of the leading platforms for digital marketing courses and covers everything related to the digital world. You’ll find step-by-step instructions for each digital platform. If you want to launch your brand on Facebook or create an Instagram handle, start here.

Blog lets you experience how this content is represented in the online world. Additionally, Digital Vidya provides case studies from various industries to help both brands and marketers.


Shout Me Loud

A Delhi-based blogging expert founded by Harsh Agarwal, Shout Me Loud is his award-winning Indian digital marketing blog. Through its content, he offers tips on SEO, WordPress, and affiliate his marketing. This is an ideal resource for beginners looking to pursue blogging as a lucrative career opportunity. Contains quality content that explains how to become a successful entrepreneur through blogging.


Digital Scholar Blog

Every day he learns and reads from the Digital Scholar prepares him for the industry. Launched in 2019, their vision is to produce graduates who can excel in the global digital marketing industry. The company prides itself on its agency style and purposeful learning, offering a bright future.

Digital Scholar’s Digital Marketing Blog features a variety of content that provides insight into all aspects of digitalization, informed by expert Sorav Jain. Their posts are updated regularly and aim to foster innovation and answer all your industry questions.


Deepak Kanakaraju

Biker, digital marketing blogger, speaker, trainer and author Deepak Kanakaraju says he began his interest in the digital marketing industry in 2007. Five years ago he moved on to found his Digital Deepak. His personal blog, Digital Deepak, is full of tips for running a successful digital business.



These digital marketing blogs are useful for those who are entering the industry or want to increase their presence in the industry. Each blog has something different to offer, and each story within it will guide you in making conscious marketing decisions. 

If you are any of these then follow the best Digital Marketing Blogs of India, mentioned above.