Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in 2022

What are the best Blockchain Development Companies in 2022 that you can trust on to create your blockchain product, you may wonder? We’ll respond with a ranking of the best blockchain development firms on the market that have completed the most challenging blockchain projects thus far this year. Portfolios of the companies, client feedback and recognition, and the level of team experience and skill were some of our selection criteria. So let’s examine what we have.

1. RichestSoft

RichestSoft is a blockchain development company that receives positive feedback from clients and has a high rating

Founded in 2009, it now has offices in India, and the US and works with clients across all time zones. RichestSoft team focuses primarily on blockchain technology.

Being one of the companies leading blockchain technology market, RichestSoft blockchain networks support Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, EOS, Avalanche, Fantom, Near, and MoonBeam.

As a top blockchain development company, RichestSoft provides services to businesses of all types and sizes, from startups to mature enterprises. In addition to development, the company offers clients customized blockchain technology consulting services to assist in developing the best plan of action for their projects.

2. Consensys

Consensys is a leading Ethereum blockchain development company. It creates enterprise solutions, applications, and developer tools for the Ethereum network.

They provide blockchain solutions for global trade and commerce, decentralized finance, payments, institutional capital markets, asset management, and payments. Having millions of users worldwide, their line of products includes Metamask, Codefi, Diligence, Quorum, Truffle, and Infura.

3. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz, a leader in blockchain development with in-depth expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), augmented reality/virtual reality, and cloud services, has over ten years of experience developing enterprise applications. From blockchain consulting through user experience and design, blockchain development, deployment, maintenance, and upgrades, LeewayHertz offers full blockchain solutions.

Due to their extensive experience working on many blockchain systems, including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth, EOS, Credits, Neo, and many more, LeewayHertz stands out from the competition. More than 80 smart contracts have been deployed and more than ten blockchain applications have been created by LeewayHertz’s blockchain expertise.

4. Alchemy

Alchemy is a blockchain development company, that enables businesses to create outstanding applications that benefit from the blockchain revolution. They offer a variety of products, including improved SDK, Supernode, and dashboard monitoring. Alchemy aims to give entrepreneurs the components they need to turn their concepts into reality.

The business creates cross-platform blockchain applications that enable smooth interoperability and assist in unlimited business scaling. They are a group of professionals with extensive knowledge and practical experience in blockchain and AI.

5. Innovecs

Innovecs is a rapidly expanding software development company, which is dedicated to advancing enterprises via the use of cutting-edge technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and the internet of things.

The company specializes in enterprise cryptocurrency platforms, distributed document management, money transfer solutions, loyalty programs, and blockchain application development. The engineers at Innovecs have amassed in-depth expertise in blockchain technology through serving several industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and retail.

With a team of full-stack professionals, Innovecs has expanded its commercial activities across the globe. The company supports businesses cost-cutting and global growth.

6. Altoros

Altoros is concentrated on helping businesses transition from old IT to the future. Since the dawn of the cloud-native age, they have assisted clients in developing and delivering scalable applications.

For its enterprise clients, Altoros installs software and cloud solutions from the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. Big data, blockchain development, AI, and cloud computing are just a few of their technical offerings.

With a focus on blockchain development, Altoros can assist companies in streamlining current workflows, enhancing customer satisfaction, and achieving operational transparency.

Enterprises can work with the Altoros team of specialists to create cutting-edge solutions that meet end-user requirements.

7. Coinfabrik

Since the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the organization has gained expertise in the blockchain thanks to its experience in developing and evaluating security solutions.

A multi-cryptocurrency wallet, an anti-fraud system with Sig3 multi-signature, an identity verification solution with smart contracts TrustStamp, and a peer-to-peer loans project are all included in the company’s blockchain portfolio.

8. MLG Blockchain

The MLG Blockchain Development and Consulting Company is focused on using smart contracts and blockchain to change the world. Its crew is dispersed over more than ten nations.

The business also helps businesses with ITO liquidation, capital management, and SAFT investment agreements.

MLG provides a turn-key solution to their client’s thanks to their experience creating blockchain applications on many platforms, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, and Neo.

9. NineHertz

A software development company called The NineHertz provides mobile and online app development using cutting-edge technologies like IoT, VR, big data, and analytics, among others. The business also works with Salesforce, Digital Marketing, CMS, and e-commerce systems. The NineHertz wants to provide its clients with cutting-edge and practical solutions, thus it always keeps up with emerging technology. The company intends to create web and mobile software solutions that address urgent problems rapidly with a wide range of services.

10. Empirica

Because blockchain has developed into a crucial part of the infrastructure supporting financial transactions, So Empirica, a software development company, offers distributed applications development on the blockchain.

Empirica is highly renowned for completing various FinTech projects and has been listed as one of the top blockchain companies. Their services include the construction of smart contracts, the management of bitcoin assets, a platform for algorithmic trading in cryptocurrencies, and a website for ICO investors.

According to Empirica, blockchain technology may be used to provide a variety of financial services, such as trade financing, automated compliance auditing, loans, and post-transaction processing for stocks.


The list of blockchain businesses we’ve compiled above is not exhaustive. Despite the fact that blockchain is increasingly being used by several businesses, it is still a new technology. More trustworthy businesses may qualify as the top blockchain development companies.