How To Ace the Reading Section of the IELTS Exam?

Reading is an important section of the IELTS exam. But many students fear it a lot. Were you one of the students who feared reading comprehension the most in school? Many people would shiver at the thought of reading those difficult passages and trying to find answers from them. Reading has stressed-out students for a long. See the problem is that students do not have appropriate reading habits due to why they struggle to focus on the passages  If you aspire to excel in your IELTS exam, you must prepare thoroughly for the reading section.

Reading isn’t too hard. All you need is some dedicated practice to master it. You need to devote all your focus and attention to reading the passages while you are giving your IELTS exam. If you let your attention get swayed away then you will find it difficult to solve the passage.  Are you preparing for the IELTS exam? Do you find it hard to do well in the reading section? Well, it’s time for you to connect with the Best IELTS institute in Jalandhar to master your reading skills and do well in your IELTS exam.

Let us now talk about some common tips to enhance your reading skills 

Practice well

There is no secret in the fact that without practice a person is bound to fail. Sometimes students get overconfident and do not feel the need to practice enough. Such students end up regretting their decision later on. Practice is the key to unlocking the door to accomplishments. So before you sit for your final IELTS exam you should have practised several reading passages. You should have made yourself well aware of the format of questions that are asked in the paper, word limit, etc. See adequate practice will help you stay confident and stress-free otherwise the anxiety on the day of the exam can easily dampen all your spirits. There are numerous resources available on the Internet for this purpose. To ensure that you are fully prepared, practice a large number of mock test papers. You can access these mock tests easily. Try practising 3-4 mock tests daily as you near the day of your examination. 

Assess your weaknesses

No student is perfect. Everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Those who have the determination to taste success in life, will identify their weaknesses and then work hard to get rid of them. So as a student it is imperative for you to be well aware of the areas you lack in. So if it is about reading you need to find out about the areas you can improve more. Maybe you aren’t able to read passages quickly. Or you are unable to understand the meanings of some words. Maybe you are unable to find keywords associated with the answers. So this is something you have to study yourself and recognize. Once you have done so you can devise appropriate strategies to counter all these weaknesses. Regularly evaluate your performance. This will surely ensure an excellent band score in your IELTS exam. 

Strengthen your vocabulary

You must carefully read the passage, and you may be asked to find synonyms, antonyms, and so on. If you have a strong vocabulary, answering such questions should be extremely easy. However, if your vocabulary is limited, it will be challenging for you. Let’s say the question demands you to dig out the antonym of the word ‘vicious’  then if you are clueless about the meaning of this word then how will you find out its antonym. So you will surely end up losing a mark here. To ensure you score well in such types of questions you have to strengthen your vocabulary at any cost.  Expand your vocabulary by browsing through as many new words as possible Keep a dictionary with you and make a habit to read around 20 new words daily. 

Skim and scan

The reading passage contains several trivial details which are unrelated to your answers. So to filter out unnecessary information we suggest you adopt the method of skimming and scanning. Utilizing this will enable you to read the whole passage rapidly and pay attention to the crucial parts of the passage only. We recommend you read the questions in advance so that your brain can recall and retain the important phrases related to the passage’s replies. So folks! Practice learning both these techniques. Take out sample passages and try to apply the skimming and scanning technique to see if it is making things easier for you and helping you get a good band score in your IELTS exam. . If you are still finding it difficult to improve your reading skills then the best thing to do is to connect with the Best IELTS institute in Ludhiana

Establish reading habits

To succeed at anything, you should develop a habit to do that every day.  If you find reading difficult then the only way to make it easy is to develop reading habits. Not doing so will make it very hard for you to improve your reading. You will face difficulty focusing on the reading passages provided to you in the IELTS exam. So make it a habit to read every day. You can choose to read a book, novel, or even articles on your favourite subject like health, fashion, automobiles, etc.  We suggest you select any suitable English daily such as The Hindu or The Tribune, and thoroughly read it. You need to make it a habit to spend around 30  minutes reading the papers. Go through important news items, find out new words, and observe the way sentences have been framed.  After a few days of reading newspapers, you will find your reading speed increased to a good extent, and thus this will ensure a good band score in the IELTS reading exam. 

Wrapping it up

Therefore, there is no longer a reason to avoid the reading portion. To ace, the reading portion of your IELTS exam, just keeps the above advice in mind. Continue your normal practice and you will manage to get an excellent score in your reading portion. 

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