Tips To Earn Money as An Artist


Here are some of the best ways to earn as an artist today. The reason that this needs to be explained is that artists have this stereotype of being very skilled in drawing and other forms of art yet fails to succeed in generating money for themselves, which is true in many cases, though not all.

The reason for such is that in many areas around the world there are so few opportunities given for artists, even in corporate settings there are still few opportunities for them. Thus, the points below are also a way to prove that artists can still earn from their skills and artworks.

Sell Online

Right now, there are so many online platforms and apps where an artist can actually post and sell the artworks that they have made. The great deal with online selling of artworks is that you can simply sell them a copy with the rights, and also, they can request for one single original copy of an artwork.

If there are copyright issues, the platforms itself can mediate and can offer an IP dispute lawyer to settle such grievances and issues. Selling online does not only give you the opportunity to sell, but also to gain following from other people all over the world.

Do Custom Work

You can also do custom work or what they usually call a commissioned work. As opposed to doing your own art at your own pace, commissioned work is actually pretty high risk and stressful for the artists because they are actually paid to do a specific artwork, with a specific theme, on a certain timeframe.

But in doing commissioned work, most artists grow and develop in such settings because they are challenged outside from their comfort zone to create something that has to please the one who commissioned the artwork. Doing custom work also pays very well depending on the task that has to be done. If you need an extra amount cash you can offer commissioned work for smaller tasks, which still pays well.

Train and Teach Others

One of the best ways to be immortalized is through teaching, thus the same rule applies in the realm of art. The best way to become good and better as an artist is to teach others. When you do a workshop, you are teaching others how to ignite the artists from within and they will be very much thankful for it.

Aside from that when an artist does a workshop, they can actually name their own price thus they can earn from it and when it is done on a regular basis then they can earn regularly from teaching others. Some art teachers’ offer summer art workshop to young kids and they get to pay for the workshop package which can help boost their self-esteem.

No artist should be ashamed in selling his or her art because each artwork is actually the result of time, effort, skill, and resources poured towards a project and the result is the art piece, and it should be sold and priced as such.

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