Tips To Clean Your Garden in The Spring

Spring is the season when a lot of dried plants, leaves and stems will there to be seen in your garden. All these will give a bad appearance to your whole garden. Most importantly they could play a vital role in spreading diseases which would turn up to be a big issue.

So, it is very important to clean your garden in the spring season. It is way better to start cleaning your garden after the ground has dried to a certain extent because it will be very difficult to clean when the soil is still very wet and also make it difficult for the plants to grow later on after the season. So, now we will look into a few of the main tips you could follow to clean your garden efficiently in the spring.

Removing winter mulch and other protection

It is better to start removing winter mulch which you have added last fall after the temperature starts to warm up a little bit. Make sure you also remove other types of winter protection which you would have added like burlap wraps, windscreens, and plant cones.

Brush back thick leaves

It is not necessary to remove all the leaves from flower beds in the spring. Just make sure you brush back thick layers of leaves that are placed on the top of your plants only. Because leaves are good for the soil and most importantly, they feed the plants as they decompose as well.

Image Source: Pexels

Pull dead plants and leaves

In the process of cleaning your gardens in spring, make sure you pull the dead plants and leaves which are visible. You should mainly focus on pulling the plants like snapdragons, marigolds, and begonias which are known just to live for one year in severe weather and won’t grow back after winter.

Make sure you pull them out of the ground and roots as well. When cleaning your garden, it’s good to wear a pair of nitrile disposable gloves for protection. One of the important things to consider when trimming around the base of plants is not to cut off newly grown plants.

Clean the vegetable garden

You could also clean the vegetable garden in the process of cleaning your garden in the spring. Pull out all the dead vegetables which you were not able to remove last fall. When cleaning your vegetable beds, make sure to remove as much of the plant matter and roots as you can. So, this would give a good look at the newly growing vegetable over there.

Pull weeds

Spring is one of the best times to clean and pull up all the weeds before they have enough to become established. The process would be easy as well, because of the wet nature of the ground as a result of the snow melt.

So, these are a few of the main tips to clean your garden in the spring. By following these you could make the process much easier.