Tips To Choose the Most Suitable Running Shoes

If you have started to pick up running as a sport to keep you healthy, you must first need to buy running shoes since your regular rubber shoes will not do. For those who are a bit lost on what is the most suitable running shoes, read below and follow the enumerated tips and tricks to ensure that you are buying shoes that would make running safer and more enjoyable.


Buy shoes made for running

The number one tip is to buy shoes that are specifically made for running. You might think that your regular sneakers or other sports shoes will do, but running shoes are equipped with unique features that make running easier. With each stride your foot practically makes the same contact with the ground, giving you better traction. 

Running shoes while wearing sneakers on the other hand will make it difficult for you to run because of the cushion that helps with shock absorption. The design elements for sneakers would also make running difficult since there might be some components that make the shoes heavier as compared to running shoes. Running shoes are also designed to prevent running injuries, which is better especially if you are a novice runner.

Running Shoes
Image Source: Pexels

Buy shoes that fit perfectly

When selecting running shoes, choose one that perfectly fits your feet because it will make running painful, increases your risk of injury, and the shoes might fly off from your feet not only hurting you but also hurting others who are running beside you. 

When you are shopping for running shoes or for any shoes for that matter, try to purchase them at the end of the day because your feet have the tendency to swell during the day, but in the afternoon or evening, your feet will be at their correct size. 

It is also recommended that you allot an allowance at the end of your foot and the end of the shoe to allow for a little bit of wiggle space. With this, when you are running downhill or if your feet become swollen, then you would still feel comfortable with the shoes.

You get what you pay for

Expensive running shoes do not typically mean they’re the best. However, greater technology and comfort features are typically associated with costly running shoes. If you buy cheap shoes, then you have to remember that you are getting what you pay for and that they might not be the most comfortable shoes when it comes to running. 

They might not be durable or won’t be able to withstand the demands when you use them to run for several miles. The usual price for good running shoes could cost between $100-$250. If you are not willing to spend $250, then you could settle for shoes between $110-$150 which are already considered to be suitable and acceptable for running.

You might be surprised to hear that there are numerous types of running shoes. So, when you go shopping, do your research beforehand so you will be able to purchase running shoes that are based on your kind of running.