Tips for Staying Warm and Stylish During Winters

Winters are here, and to beat the cold, you must stay warm. However, staying warm doesn’t mean hiding under piles of clothes. Also, many people think you can choose clothes’ functionality over style when it comes to beating the cold.

Thus, in the following segment, you will learn several techniques for staying warm yet stylish during winters.

  1. Layer Smartly 

Layers are necessary to survive the harsh winters, but the golden rule of layering is keeping the number maximum to three. So, choose your layers wisely, such as:

  • Prefer wearing good quality winter clothes for maximum comfort.
  • Wear knitted clothes or jumpers inside so that you have a crisp look.
  • Wear long sleeves or high-neck clothes to surplus the heat.
  1. Add scarfs, shawls and wraps 

Scarfs and wraps are probably the most fun part of winter dressing as they can come in all possible colours and fun designs optimum for both formal and casual looks, depending on the choice. Also, adding scarfs and wraps to an outfit is very easy. For example,

  • Wrap the scarf around the neck.
  • Throw the scarf over your shoulder and let it hang loosely.
  • You can wear the wrap like a scarf but expect extended coverage in the front.
  • Asymmetrical wraps are the best.
  • Pull off the ladies pashmina shawl as a shrug and get rid of unattractive sweaters.
  1. Wear Body Hugging Clothes 

Loose-fitting clothes are a big no for winter if you’re looking at an outfit’s functionality. Instead, wear warm body-hugging clothes like warm body suits, vests, sweaters, etc., so you can finish the attire by adding a light overcoat. For example,

  • Choose heavy and quality material for the vests, sweaters or body suits. Otherwise, there is no objective of wearing them inside.
  • For the moderate winters, you can wear overcoats or jackets over vests or sweaters.
  1. Choose Your Footwear Wisely 

Winter is the season of ice, snow and whatnot. Plus, you also won’t look stylish when sliding while walking into those boots. Thus, consider the following while choosing the proper footwear for winter.

  • High-raise boots are considered a classic choice for women, and they complement all sorts of clothes such as jeans, dresses and more.
  • Avoid wearing tightly fitted boots as you might have trouble wearing them all day. So, for additional protection, wear stockings or socks inside those boots.
  • Stocking or leggings pairs up nicely with combat boots.
  1. Get a Good Quality Winter Coat 

Winter coats are one of the mandatory items that you wear during winters, no matter how many layers you add. Thus it is compulsory to invest in good quality jackets, and you can follow the below tips:

  • Instead of sticking to old-school black, look for different colours to up your winter coat game.
  • Either buy the coat with a belt so you can enjoy both the look, i.e., a casual look with loose straps and a formal one with the belt wrapped around the waist. If not, you can tie a matching belt around the waist for a more enhanced look.

If you wish, you can create layers with the coat. But the inner layers must be body-hugging or medium fitted to the body, whereas the outer winter coat must be slightly loose-fitted or airy. So, you don’t appear covered, and you have room to breathe.

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