Tips for Day-Outs with a Newborn

If you have a newborn that you go out with often, and you’re in need of important tips, this is just for you!

Pack Your Bag

Pack a nappy bag, no matter where you are going or how long you are going to be out. Keep in mind that with a newborn, there are always high possibilities of unpredictable situations arising. Even if your bub has always had proper feeding, sleeping, and toilet patterns so far, you always need to be prepared with all the ‘stuff’ – which includes extra nappies, wipes and lotions, a change of clothes, and so on. Not having the essentials could result in a frantic situation in case there’s been a poop explosion or your baby is spitting up excessively like never before!

Consider having a pre-packed bag so you wouldn’t have to take out or replace most of the stuff in it. Have a separate set of wipes, creams, lotions, diapers, burp cloths, and some clothes in a bag which you can sort of grab and go when you’re heading out. There’s hardly going to be anything that you’d need to add to your pre-packed bag when you are heading out on little errands. Eventually, you’d see how easy life gets!

Don’t Predict the Weather

It is not uncommon for the weather to be unpredictable. Again, it is one of those key things you need to watch out for and be prepared for. Make sure you’ve got appropriate clothing – sleepsuits socks, caps, and mittens, as well as breathable cotton clothing to slip into in case it suddenly starts to get warm.

Image Source: unsplash

Don’t Leave at Feeding Time

Unless there’s an urgency, try your best to leave after feeding time, no matter where you are going, or how quick your trip is going to be. If you are going to have to feed as soon as you get to your destination, or while on your way, it is going to require extra preparation. Of course, this you cannot avoid during long trips or travel. However, when you have errands to run, or small trips to make, always try to leave after feeding time so you can cut down on some of the unwanted fuss during your trip.  

Cover Up

Giving your bub enough protection wherever necessary is important. Covering your bub should protect her from too much exposure to new environments, which might worry you. You might want to make maximum use of the hoods and covers in your carriers and strollers. 

Additionally, you may want to try out one of those handy capsule covers that are designed especially and beautifully to cater to more than one need of your baby. Some of these modern items can surely turn out to be a worthy investment as long as you carefully choose and pick those that are perfect for your baby in every way!

Avoid Crowds

Just because you are geared with covers and other sophisticated items, it does not really mean you can take your newborn into spaces and environments that they are not meant to be in. Crowded areas are best avoided. The air can be polluted and the crowds can frighten or make your little one feel stifled. You don’t want your baby being unnecessarily exposed in this way, so, avoid taking her into such areas for a while, at least.