Tips For Creating A Video To Boost Your Business

The audiovisual format became the almost indisputable protagonist of the internet. By creating your own video with photos and music, for example, you are generating the type of content that is being consumed the most. We tell you how to edit a video to make your brand known and not stay out of this trend.

Next, we will tell you what resources and tools you have available to create the videos that will help you sell more (and better) the products of your e-commerce.

Tips for creating successful videos

The video is becoming one of the 3 key pieces when creating content, especially for fashion and accessory brands. Since it shows how the products and the materials with which they are made look, how they can be used or what the story behind its elaboration is.

Depending on what you want to communicate, you can count on the help of a professional who has the tools and expert knowledge to help you develop the idea you want to convey with your brand.

However, there are several options for video content that you can create on your own. That is why we are going to show you resources and tools so that you know how to edit videos easily and quickly.

You can create your own images if you have a camera that records videos or a cell phone with a good resolution. If you record videos with your cell phone, remember to record them horizontally unless you are going to post them on Instagram Stories.

Whenever possible, use a natural light source and take into account not to cast shadows on what you are filming.

Keep in mind that if the light source is very strong (for example, the midday sun), you can overexpose the video, which means that the image will appear very bright. On the other hand, if the light source is very weak, you will be underexposed to the video. That is, the image will be darker.

Another important aspect is the composition of the elements you will capture on video. I chose a palette of colors that are present in your brand’s identity or that are in harmony with the product that you are going to promote and with your brand’s logo, which you can add in the editing stage.

The most important thing when creating a video is that it tells a story and that it generates emotion and identification in those who watch it. There are different types of video: descriptive, testimonial, and product use, and you can give all of them the imprint of a story.

How to edit a video: resources and tools

In addition to recording with your camera or cell phone, an available resource is to reuse photographic and graphic design materials that your brand already has and animate them in a video, placing music and effects that enhance them.

Another option is to use videos from a free internet image gallery to complement the ones you already have of your products. There are many and of very good quality.

If you are going to use promotional phrases in your videos, structure them according to their order of importance and hierarchy so that whoever watches the video understands what to read first.

Also, make sure that the chosen font and colors look correct and are easy to read.

Music and sound effects are very important because they complete the meaning of what you are trying to communicate. Therefore, take the time to understand what music is the one that best represents the identity of your business and the message to be transmitted. To search for music, you can enter FreeMusicArchive.

It is a page that has innumerable music files, divided by genres that you can find at the top of the browser. It also has an expertly curated playlist to use in videos.

Among the most used paid options is VideoHive. You will find music that you can easily download and edit to adapt to the exact duration of the video. It also has a vast gallery of different editable videos to use in your creations.

You can find many websites with a wide range of music and sound effects on the internet. Some of them are paid, and some are free. Remember to check all the policies of use of the service to make sure you use them correctly. There are simple and easy-to-use editors that you can download from the internet.

On the other hand, Davinci Resolve is a powerful editor that you can download to your computer with professional editing tools. It offers a free version and a paid version. While Davinci has a long learning curve, you can try FlexClip video editor. It’s starter friendly with an intuitive interface and a lot of templates.

You can download the PowerDirector application if you want to edit directly from your cell phone. This editor will allow you to use the content generated from your phone without having to download it.

It has interesting effects like slow motion and predetermined transitions. It also allows you to share the final result directly on your social networks.

Remember to respect the aesthetics of your brand so that your customers can easily recognize and identify the messages you communicate. If you recently carried out a rebranding process, this is an excellent opportunity to consolidate your new identity!

It is also important that you consider the technical specifications of the channel where you will publish your video. The main ones that you have to know are those of Facebook and YouTube.

You are now ready to create a video for your business!

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