Tips and tricks to teach your children how to dress up

Teaching your kids how to dress themselves up is a basic survival skill and it is as important for them as it is for you. It is one responsibility off your shoulders especially if both parents are working. It builds a sense of responsibility in children and can also be a fun little activity for them. Having said all this, it is an ambitious task to accomplish. But worry not, we’re here to make this arduous task easier for you!

Kids Clothing Pakistan and cognitive development

Adults do not even think twice while changing clothes but for children, it can be a very gratifying task. Moreover, it helps in the development of basic motor and cognitive skills in kids.

  • Fine motor skills are developed when children deal with zips, buttons, and shoelaces.
  • Gross motor skills are enhanced when children put their arms through arm holes or stand on one leg while wearing their trousers.
  • Language skills develop when kids learn different names for their clothing items.
  • Cognitive skills become stronger when children remember the order in which they have to wear clothes.
  • Time management also becomes a part of their personality when they do the task daily in a limited amount of time.

Dressing skills according to ages

If you ever wondered at which age the child should start dressing independently, then you’re not alone. This question has no right answer. It’s not like your child is going to wake up one day ready to dress up all by himself. Rather it is a slow process that spans at least a few years. You should just be patient throughout these years and cheer them up along the way. Kids Clothing Pakistan form a large part of their personality.

At 1 year

At one year of age, your child can raise his arms to put through the arm holes, push off their shoes or socks and push their legs through the trousers.

At 2 years

By this age, children can try and push their pants down, find the arm holes in their shirts and can take off a button down shirt that’s unbuttoned.

At 3 years

At three years, children may wear a shirt and socks with a bit of assistance, may put on their shoes (may be the wrong way), take off a shirt and pull up their trousers.

At 4 years

They can use zips and buckles, put on socks without any help, put on shoes with no or very little aid and can tell the front from the back.

At 5 years

Children at this age can take off their trousers and put them back on, they try wearing shirts by themselves. Some of them may dress appropriately without any supervision.

Teaching kids how to dress themselves

Teaching children how to change clothes, like every other thing, requires quite a bit of tolerance. But once they do learn how to do it, it takes off a stress from your head. You can also take the stress of shopping off by switching to Online Shopping for Kidswear in Pakistan.

Elastic pants: Wearing pants with buttons or zips can be really difficult for babies so let them wear sweatpants or any other pants with elastic waist.

Sitting down while dressing: Especially when wearing bottoms or socks and shoes. This makes it easier for children to balance themselves while dressing themselves up.

Pushing arms through arm holes: Incentivize small tasks like pushing arms trough the sleeves. This little step can shoot up your baby’s confidence.

Buttoning up: Keep encouraging your children to button up their own shirts. There may be a few little disasters at the start but the end result would be really satisfying.

Lay out their clothes: The children may get muddled with all the choices they may see around. So sorting out their clothes and laying them in front of your kids in the order that they have to wear may be easier for the kids.

Differentiating back from front: Start teaching your child the common differences between the front and back side of their dresses. Tell them that the front usually has some print or buttons and the back almost always has a tag.

Removing first: Taking clothes off is much more uncomplicated than putting them on. So, teach your babies how to remove their clothes first and after mastering this they can move on to putting the clothes on.

Unchallenging shoes: Wearing shoes is an important aspect of getting dressed. Get your toddler to master this skill by making him wear simple, easy shoes without any laces. You can also practically show them how to wear them. Toes first, heels afterwards is the way to go!

Easy to wear shirts: Get some shirts with magic tape or velcro instead of buttons which may be difficult for your child to get his head through.


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