Tips And Strategies for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants

Salesforce’s marketing cloud has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Many businesses and organizations are now utilizing marketing clouds to increase the potential of their industries. Hence, every corporate organization must recognize the incredible impact of the marketing cloud.

CRM software allows businesses to source marketing efforts, manage sales, and process service cloud, among other things. It also improves the company’s interaction with its customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers unique functionalities that address marketing initiatives, customer service, and other challenges.

With the demand for Salesforce marketing cloud, the need for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants also increased. The consultant helps businesses to effectively implement CRM and aid in communicating with active customers and increasing their loyalty. They also ensure the best channels and mediums for engaging potential content with the intended audience through media ads, email, SMS, and other means.

So, if you are also a Salesforce marketing cloud consultant, you need to have a strong knowledge of CRM to help the customer grow sales.

This article lists tips, tricks, and strategies for effectively implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

1. Get A 360° View of Customers with Salesforce CDP and Datorama

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Spray-and-pray/one-size-fits-all email marketing campaigns do not work if you want your subscribers to engage actively with your campaigns and brand. You must develop unique messaging that speaks to their specific wants and expectations.

And recognizing who they are is the first step toward personalization:

  • What do they want, require, or prefer?
  • What is a form of messaging likely to pique their interest?
  • What can your campaigns do to meet these expectations?

Through two robust technologies, SFMC will assist you in obtaining a 360° perspective of your customers.

Salesforce CDP offers actionable, intelligent, and reliable customer data, allowing you to create unified customer profiles and obtain a single source of truth about each customer across different touchpoints. Connect customer IDs, marketing journeys, orders, and engagement data to gain a deeper understanding of your subscribers and utilize this information to enhance your email marketing strategy.

SFMC Datorama is another excellent tool for gathering and analyzing consumer intelligence and creating personalized and scalable email campaigns that provide value to each subscriber on your mailing list. Datorama delivers B2C and B2B organizations with intelligent, cross-channel data to boost ROI and growth through email marketing.

2. Analyze the performance of the business by tracking them

Relationship management

Keeping up with previous performance improves the business’s functionality. It assists the company in developing better strategies and implementing logic to improve performance as quickly as possible. This feature, however, cannot be enabled with every management team.

Although, with the analytics builder feature offered in Salesforce’s marketing cloud, you can analyze and track the certified performance of all connected actions performed within marketing campaigns.

You will be able to see how many people visited your website who were specifically targeted. Moreover, you have access to mail marketing’s functionality and possibilities. This marketing cloud function can also manage the performance of media profiles. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration assists you in making timely selections for your company’s reputation, and the campaigns will be pretty straightforward. Your company also attains the intended goals.

3. Influencing management of the data

A mountain of accounted data may cause stress in your business, but data management helps systematically process the data. Because the saved data contains a lot of information about the intended audience, you must easily import it, read it, and access it further. This is achievable because of the efficient models available in Salesforce’s marketing cloud. Creating a relational database using numerous models allows brands to import and export data efficiently.

It can be missioned by a professional Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant for better results. You may also prioritize customizing, allowing you to access and explore the data required according to the convenience of the marketing campaigns.

4. Personalize and Automate Email Campaigns with Email Studio and Built-In Templates


Any email marketing professional will tell you that email customization is the key to any email subscriber’s heart – and pocketbook. Personalization in email content can boost open rates by 26%, conversion rates by 6X or more, and revenue by 5.7X.

According to Salesforce research, 52% of modern customers anticipate personalized offerings. According to another study, personalized email incentives can raise open rates by 50%, while a customized video can increase CTR by 200-300% and retention rates by 35%. In a nutshell, personalization works.

5. AI facilitates better performance with authentic predictions


There is no point in bombarding potential customers with advertising, emails, and SMS if they are not viewing the related projects. Knowing when to send emails to customers is, therefore, critical. Salesforce’s AI, known as ‘Einstein,’ allows company managers to know the exact time. The AI capabilities will make you aware of the individual needs of your clients from your service.

It also increases engagement scores, which predicts activity within your company’s promotional advertising and emails. You can obtain the frequency to determine how many emails must be sent to customers. With the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions, you can effortlessly increase audience engagement.

Bottom line

Salesforce is a well-known and influential CRM software that has aided numerous businesses. With the CRM’s several clouds, business operations have become more efficient. Using a specific marketing cloud for marketing tactics can improve the company’s performance and attract the attention of potential customers worldwide.