Things to Know Before a Headlight Upgrade

Headlight upgrades have been very common recently. People even opt for headlight upgrades in their newly purchased bikes and cars. The primary need for a headlight upgrade is essentially functional. However, the secondary need is for the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. 

But if you don’t know about headlights and their function, you can buy the wrong headlight, ultimately leading to poor performance. High-end changes like the honda grom headlight upgrade can enhance the aesthetics of your bike and improve its functionality. 

Types of Headlights 

There are several types of headlights used in cars and bikes. Each one has distinguished features and is applicable for particular purposes. Which kind of headlight best suits your vehicle depends on various factors like the driving conditions, areas where maximally driven, the driver’s eyesight, and so on. 

The typical common regular type of headlight is a reflector-type headlight. A halogen bulb is a lighting source in this type of headlight. They are categorized into various sizes according to the shape and dimension of the sockets. For example – H1, H3, H7, H8, H10, H11, H14, etc. 

The next type of headlight is the projector-type headlight. LED bulbs are mainly used as a light source in this headlight category. These are the fantastic snow-beam light-type headlights that are primarily used nowadays. If you already have a built-in projector headlight with white LED bulbs, you can add auxiliary bulbs to enhance visibility. 


By now, you must have identified which type of headlight your vehicle has. It is now the perfect moment to discuss which type of headlight upgrades will best suit your existing headlight setup.

Reflector Headlight Type

If your vehicle has a reflector headlight with halogen bulbs, the most compatible and easy upgrade would be replacing the halogen bulb with an LED bulb. It will change the light quality as well as light intensity. One common mistake to avoid if you have a reflector headlight is – never to use HID lights with a built-in reflector setting. This will scatter the light extremely and cause driving accidents. The reflector headlight is specially designed for non-scattering light sources, and HID is a scattering source that will never be a good upgrade but instead cause problems. 

LED bulbs are indeed the best option in this case. But there are two factors to consider when buying an LED bulb for upgrading reflector headlights. You have to match the LED bulb with the halogen bulb that was initially a part of the built-in headlight. You cannot pick up any random LED bulb to fix it. Also, the LED bulb you choose should structurally resemble the halogen bulb previously present with the reflector. The honda grom headlight upgrade can be one of the best choices in this case. 

You must be surprised that when planning for an upgrade, why is it recommended that an LED bulb best mimic the previous halogen stock. This is because the reflector type of headlight is well suited for the stock beam pattern and not the scattered light pattern. Hence, a non-scattering stock beam pattern light is best suited for the reflector type of headlight to maintain safety and keep up with safe driving. 

Also, look for the wattage when buying new bulbs. There are multiple variants of LED lights based on their wattage consumption. If you have budget restraints, a 100-watt bulb would be good; you may also choose 130-watt if you don’t have budget issues. When upgrading the light, ensure that you upgrade the wiring and relay system. The pre-existing wiring and relay system may not be able to handle the load of the new lights. 

Projector Headlight Type

Using only the LED and HID bulbs is better if you have a projector-type headlight. Usually, the projector-type headlights come equipped with built-in HID lights. These are, in fact, the best suited for such headlights. 

When opting for an upgrade, you can stick to the same light genre; replace the existing one if the light intensity is poor after prolonged usage. Or you may also consider upgrading the wattage of the bulbs. This is also an effective way to enhance the overall results of lighting.

Some riders choose the LED bulb because it is an easy-to-go plug-and-play model. There are not many added modifications needed. You do not have to change the existing structure or make major amendments to house any new light in the projector type of headlight. 

Final Words

A headlight upgrade is the most overlooked option for bike upgrades. However, the quality of headlights is crucial to determining driving safety. Consider all factors properly and invest in worthy headlight setups of valuable quality. A proper headlight setup increases driving efficiency.