Theflix — Your new home cinema

Streaming services and platforms that allow viewers to watch movies at home in good quality online are already so popular that it has become more of a cultural event to go to the theater than a simple opportunity to see a novelty on the big screen.  The more such platforms appear, the harder it is to choose something for yourself, because all have different conditions, price, range of series and movies. And to make the choice easier for users, we’ll tell you about Theflix, which is an online cinema service available to everyone.


TheFlix is good home cinema

A good home theater has the following characteristics:

  • availability of new releases and a large selection of movies and TV series;
  • a reasonable subscription price;
  • good picture quality and voice acting.

These are the criteria that have guided the creators of TheFlix. It has everything every movie lover needs – all kinds of genres of movies from different studios and countries, the ability to choose a movie according to popularity and rating, and great picture quality.

Movies and series on Theflix

This service offers users not only new movies, but also long-loved bestsellers from Oscar-winning directors with movie stars that will never lose their relevance. If you register, you will get quick access to watch new and popular series online with all seasons at your convenience. Whatever your taste, you’ll find a great film for the evening or a series to watch at the weekend with family or friends.

You can choose the online series by genre or year of release. You will find the following genres of series presented on the platform:

  • detectives and thrillers;
  • horror and mystical series;
  • science fiction and fantasy;
  • as well as documentary and popular science series for the discerning viewer.

It’s safe to say that TheFlix is one of the most successful analogs of Cheep Netflix with its undeniable advantages. It’s enough to visit Theflix platform once to appreciate its advantages and feel the difference compared to the usual services, which you will never want to return to.


As mentioned before, one of the principles of the platform is to provide access to a lot of shows for little money. You have to agree that the pleasure of watching your favorite movies is worth the $1.99 per month fee.

In addition to the fact that the amount for the subscription is small, it is also possible to earn it by inviting new users. All you have to do is sign up, get an invitation link, and earn money.


TheFlix is not only a great movies analog Netflix, it’s an online cinema in your home that gives you a lot of positive emotions and the opportunity to enjoy your favorite movies at any time for a reasonable price, without leaving your home.