The Various Tea Packaging Wholesale Storage Methods

When tea initially became popular outside of China in the 17th century, it was generally served in what were known as “tea caddies,” which were typically fashioned of Chinese porcelain. Other caddy patterns were manufactured of brass, pewter, and silver at times. However, woodworkers introduced the first tea box prototypes around the beginning of the 18th century.

Those Tea Packaging Wholesale  were significantly more complicated than tea boxes on the market today. Traditional Tea Packaging Wholesale  were metal or wood canisters that kept loose tea leaves fresh by sealing them off. Nowadays, most major tea brands, such as Twinings, Tazo, and Lipton, sell teabags in paper pouches and cardboard boxes. The issue with all of the paper packaging is the lack of preservation…which is where Tea Packaging Wholesale  come in!

If you’ve ever bought loose tea, it was most likely packaged in a metallic tin with a resealable pouch. Along with wood Tea Packaging Wholesale , metal canisters are your best chance for protecting your tea from the destructive effects of air, humidity, and light exposure.

Dimensions of a Tea Box

The usual tea bag pouch size is 3 inches all around or 3″ by 2.5.” As shown in the diagram above, our wood Tea Packaging Wholesale are 3.5 inches tall to accept any bigger craft tea bags. With an adjustable interior, you may slide compartment dividers in and out to create a bespoke arrangement for your varied tea bags. Our Multikeep Tea Packaging Wholesale  have the following dimensions: 12.5″ long, 7.5″ width, and 3.5″ height.

Of course, we keep our tea bags in one of these boxes as well, and can attest that at least 100 tea bags fit comfortably within.

Customized Custom Printed Tea Packaging


You can examine all of the beautiful lid designs we provide on the bamboo tea box of your choice on our website, which you can easily visit via this link.

Alternatively, you can get a tea box with a lid engraving of whatever text you like by picking our “Type Whatever You Like Classic Filigree Multikeep Box.”

You might also attempt constructing your own DIY design by hand if you have a steady hand and a creative imagination. Simply get a Blank Lid Multikeep Box and begin planning how you will personalise your tea box lid design.

This YouTube DIY instruction would be a nice place to start:

Idea for a Tea Box Gift Set

Here’s a fantastic concept that we’ve seen a number of customers use for weddings or Christmas.Purchase ten (or twenty, or as many you desire) cartons of your favourite teas wherever you regularly shopPick up some wood teaboxes from us, perhaps customised with the names of the recipients.

Fill each package with a random assortment of teas

Custom Printed Tea Packaging are suitable for personal use, but they also make excellent gifts. A tea box gift set is a considerate gift for any event, whether it’s a housewarming gift, Christmas, a birthday, or anything else. And they don’t have to be limited to tea—be creative! A personalised tea box filled with the recipient’s favourite teas and even some extra teatime accoutrements like a tea ball strainer, tea scoop, or honey spoon/stirrers can take it to the next level. Even better, you could pair this tea box gift set with a new mug!

Personalize your bamboo box for the recipient by having their name or monogram engraved on the lid. Perhaps you have an inside joke or a special memory with them that you’d like to commemorate on the top of their tea box instead. In any case, simply enter your text into the “Type Whatever You Want” box prototype field and we’ll do the rest.

Top Tea Subscriptions Today

Did you know you can have tea sent to your door automatically each month, with unique arrangements according to your preferences? These Custom Printed Tea Packaging  are not like the ones we sell because they are subscription boxes rather than tea storage containers. However, when your new shipment arrives every 30 days, our bamboo Custom Printed Tea Packaging  will come in handy to keep your tea fresh until the next box arrives.

Tea Bag Labels That Are Free To Print For Your Teabox

For our crafty tea lovers out there, here’s another tea-source (resource). Check out some of these printable tea bag tags to add to the tails of your tea bags for a more personalised tea-drinking experience. Many people find solace in tea because of its meditative properties. With the calming effects of herbs like chamomile and lavender, a cup of tea can often promote mindfulness and tranquillity. Tea tags with daily mantras can be useful for calming the mind when brewing a bag from your bamboo Paper Box Printing Company.