The Unhealthiest Bojangles’ Menu Items to Avoid

If you’re on a strict diet, then it might not be the best idea to go to Bojangles’. But what if you’re really craving that Bojangles’ Southern fare? If you can’t help yourself, then at least make sure you’re avoiding the following items: 

Bad Chicken

Okay, the chicken is most likely the one of the reasons why you went to Bojangles’ (the other main reason is probably the biscuits). All the fried chicken options here are rather iffy from a nutritional point of view, but here’s the worst of them: 

4-Piece Homestyle Tenders

At first glance, this doesn’t seem so bad. It only has 500 calories, and that might surprise some people since this order comes with 4 pieces of chicken. And you also get 30g of protein. 

But you’re better off with any other chicken order on the menu than this one. It’s the worst of the lot because you get 1,200mg of sodium, and that’s more than half the recommended daily sodium intake of 2,300mg. It doesn’t help that the order also gets you 9g of saturated fat. 

And these numbers don’t even factor in the plain biscuit. That also adds another 930mg to your sodium intake. 

Bad Sandwiches 

Okay, maybe you’re determined to just get a sandwich for lunch. What will you have? 

Whatever you get, you ought to avoid the following: 

Cajun Filet Club Sandwich

This is the unhealthiest of the sandwiches here, even though you get just 740 calories and even 30g of protein. the 1,500mg of sodium should concern you, as that’s the most sodium you get from any of the sandwiches here. Then you also get 10g of saturated fat. 

Cajun Filet Sandwich

This is slightly better that the Cajun Filet Club Sandwich, but it’s still relatively bad. You might think that the 640 calories and the 35g of protein are okay, and maybe even the 6g of saturated fat is tolerable. But you’re also getting 1,164mg of sodium. 

Bad Bowls

You’re probably better off, from a nutritional point of view, from avoiding all bowls altogether. They’re all packed with too many calories and too much sodium. But here are the worst of them: 

Jambalaya Bowl (With Biscuit)

The calories here are too many, with 1,260 calories per bowl. But what’s truly alarming here is that terrible 4,778mg of sodium. This single order exceeds your sodium limit of 2 days! Remember, even if you’re not on a low-sodium diet, you’re supposed to limit your sodium consumption to just 2,300mg per day (that’s not per meal). 

And to really emphasize the badness of it, you also get 35g of saturated fat. 

Chicken Rice Bowl (With Biscuit)

This is another really bad choice, with its 1,130 calories and the super-high 4,370mg of sodium. The 17g of saturated fat doesn’t help, either. It doesn’t matter if it gets you 55g of protein, choose something else. 

Bo-Tato Breakfast Bowl (With Biscuit)

With this, you’re getting 1,212 calories and 3,256mg of sodium. Add the 35g of saturated fat, and it’s a really bad idea. 

Bad Breakfast Biscuits

It feels great when you start the day with a delicious biscuit sandwich. But it’s not so great for your health and your diet. All of them come with too much sodium and saturated fat, and you’re not getting any fruits and veggies, either. 

And here are the worst of them all: 

Country Ham and Egg Biscuit

The 500 calories aren’t too bad, and you also get 23g of protein. But the 2,336mg of sodium already goes past the RDA for sodium. And then you also get 10g of saturated fat. 

Steak Biscuit

This isn’t really a good idea at all, even though you only get 570 calories. First off, you’re getting 15g of saturated fat and even 1g of trans fat. Then you’re also getting 1,547mg of sodium. 

What’s more, the 15g of protein for breakfast is inadequate. You can get twice the protein from many of the chicken options instead.  

Cheddar Bo Biscuit

Admittedly, this looks delicious with that cheese melting at the sides. It only has 510 calories, but you also only get 15g of protein. But it’s loaded with 1,205mg of sodium to go with the 15g of saturated fat. 

Sausage and Egg Biscuit

This is another classic breakfast treat, but its calorie content is among the highest of the biscuit options at 580 calories. You’re getting 14g of saturated fat, and 1,325mg of sodium. And while you get meat, you’re only getting 16g of protein. 

Cajun Filet Biscuit

Sure, you get 21g of protein and only 550 calories. But those come with 1,540mg of sodium, and 11g of saturated fat. 

Bad Sweets

If you’re on a diet, you really should avoid the dessert section of the menu. That really goes for all fast-food joints, to be honest. Here at Bojangles’, these are the desserts you really don’t want if you’re serious about your health: 

The Cinnamon Biscuit

Of all the sweets in the menu, the Cinnamon Biscuit contains the most calories (520 calories) and sodium (1,040mg of sodium). And you’re also getting 11g of saturated fat along with 14g of sugar. 

Bo-Berry Biscuit

This looks yummy, and the price seems great. These Bo-Berry Biscuits are about $1.83 only. 

But then again, you also get 470 calories, 11g of saturated fat, and 18g of sugar. You’re also adding another 980mg of sodium to your meal. 

All in all, navigating through the Bojangles’ menu can be like walking through a minefield. So be careful and avoid all these calorie, saturated fat, and sodium bombs to minimize the damage!