The Psychology Behind The Consumer’s Decision While Shopping

As per the latest statistics for the year 2022, it has seen that around 87% audience prefer to search stuff online on their social media accounts. Furthermore, they expect an instant response from their brand in the current engaging platform with a quality experience. Now the stats are proof that how it is crucial to understand consumer behavior, that is why entrepreneurs need to focus on catching the eyesight of the consumers. Today we are sharing an interesting insight about consumer behavior and how it creates an impact on the consumer for purchasing the product. 

Here are the few revelations behind the consumer’s decision while shopping 

  • Shopping is like a surge of dopamine – 

For some people, shopping gives an amazing feeling to them and they could do it every day and every time. The burst volcano of dopamine allows them to purchase until the end of the penny in the wallet. This kind of human behavior is a boon for brands because it would give them chance to sell more. Brands shouldn’t miss the opportunity to lose this type of customer because brands don’t need to do any kind of effort to compel them to purchase. 

So this is the time to discover such kinds of people and let them flow in the ocean of this dopamine. 

  • Based on lifestyle – 

There are many people who avoid carrying the same dress again and again on themselves. Due to this reason – these types of people would be definitely on the second day of the week in their favorite store. Similarly in festivals or any occasion and sometimes at home – they could not change their lifestyle and wants to wear a new look. For these kinds of consumer behavior, brands could gain more advantages by making them a member or offering loyalty program rewards. These people come directly into the influence and refer to the name of the brand to their friends and family. 

Just keep your eye on such kinds of consumers and don’t leave in any condition. 

  • Sometimes their personality – 

In this world, there are millions of people with lots of differences on a physical and personal level. Suppose you are a fitness freak then they always want to try new jogging shoes, mats, and exercise-based attire. And if someone is foody then definitely they would be on the McDonalds or KFC restaurant. So it is required for a brand to judge the customer through their personality. Enlist some of the customers based on the category and their preferences then they would get rough data of the “most visited customers based on category”

  • Based on the age differences – 

Children or teens will be anxious for their parents to buy video games, new iPhones or spicy fast food, and much more. But no one could make them stand for five seconds in a jewelry shop because they have no more interest in wearing or watching jewelry at a small age. That could fascinate their mother and father only. Due to this reason – age could also make the brand understand the purpose of the customer to visit the store. So if you are taking care of the adults and older then keep a few things for children as well. In this way, the whole family will enjoy shopping and they will buy several things for themselves. Before becoming an entrepreneur, every owner must learn customer behavior segmentation which differentiates the customer into several categories including age, interest, personality, and gender.   

  • Influence with brand or offers – 

People are addicted to renowned brands and their related offers. They couldn’t resist themselves if they have found any new product with an insane number of amazing quality. For example – the shoes of NIKE or ADIDAS, clothes or accessories from GUCCI or LEVIS and BIBA. These brands never compromise on the quality and touch the sentiments of the people. For several years, these brands have never lost their image and maintained their dignity of the brand. So if newbie entrepreneurs also want to stay at the top of their minds and remain in the heart of the consumer. Then put yourself out into their shoes and connect with them personally. 

Wrapping Up – 

Shopping becomes a crucial part of the life of almost every individual. From working men or women to old age individuals, everyone likes to purchase the product for their basic life needs. Consumer behavioral insights by Blokchi assist the brands to understand more about their consumer and offer the things which they really like to add to their wishlist. So if you are one who is looking for any such kind of amazing help then we are just one message away from you.