The Most Important Rules of a Halfway Home!

Why You Mustn't Break Rules Of A Halfway House?

Halfway homes are places of refuge for addicts who have been through de-addiction programs but need some additional time and regimented supervision before stepping into the real world! These are structured residences that offer safe and dependable settings for those who find themselves vulnerable and prone to triggers even after completing a rehab stay! They are also called sober living homes

Where should you look?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting the right location for a halfway home. Some may prefer living in a home that is close to their residence. They feel safe in known territory. Others may prefer living away from home at a location where anonymity is guaranteed. It essentially varies from time to time. When you are choosing a halfway house in Iowa, make sure you select depending on the preferences of the abuse victim.

The Primary Rules of a Halfway House 

Some of the basic rules of a halfway house that you would need to follow are:

  • Seek Employment: As soon as you move to a sober home, you will be encouraged to find employment. This is owing to two reasons. First, staying in these homes may prove to be expensive. Therefore, you will need to provide for the same. Having employment will help. Secondly, you will need to keep yourselves engaged in fruitful activities. Having work can indeed be a blessing because it is likely to keep you balanced and occupied. It also helps in maintaining discipline. 
  • Staying Sober and Clean: This is a primary requisite. You need to maintain sobriety within the premises of the home. A strict watch would be kept on inmates here. Triggers and urges should be strictly avoided. 
  • Doing Daily Chores: When living in a sobriety home, you will be expected to perform daily chores without fail. There will be a set of duties assigned to you. The same needs to be performed every single day! You will be monitored strictly on a day-to-day basis to check for lapses. The whole idea is to offer the ideal setup for regimented living. 
  • Following Rules of House Curfew: When you choose a halfway house, there will be strict curfew hours applicable. You will not be allowed entry to the premises once the designated time limits are crossed. This is something you need to keep in mind. Too many lapses can result in expulsion from the halfway residence. 
  • Attending Recovery Meetings: Connecting with support groups through recovery meetings is wise. These efforts boost your confidence in staying sober. If you are fighting alcohol addiction, you can join an alcoholic anonymous or AA meeting. If it is a case of drug addiction, narcotics anonymous meetings or NA meetings would have to be attended. 

Whenever you check into a halfway residence, remember that not everyone here is living willingly! Some have been forced into this regimented environment. Choose your circle carefully. It is always advisable to keep in touch with positive-minded people! Give negative minds a miss!  

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