The Importance Of Using Standing Display Stands For Your Shop

Every shop owner has the same goals: draw customers to their shop and make them purchase something. No matter if you have a bakery or fashion shop there are a few important items you need in order to accomplish this.

A very crucial piece of furniture that can be purchased is the free standing display unit. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, however, when it comes to making one’s own display stand, your options are truly endless.

What Exactly Is An FSDU?

An FSDU is a Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU) which is a method of free standing displays that helps increase the impact of your promotional efforts and help build brand awareness within the retail industry.

FSDUs are standalone sales tools with a high impact. They guarantee that new products stand out from the rest.

Cardboard FSDUs are an affordable method to boost the visibility of your product at the store, and are simple to put together and put in front of your customers quickly. They offer a POS screen (point of sale) designed to convert customers into shoppers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a cake stand that is small or a massive shoe display, every stand is equally crucial for your business.

Display Discounts and Special Deals

If you are offering a discount on the price of a product or are offering an offer that is not to be missed in your store and your customers are required to be aware of the offer. Display stands are not only there to display the merchandise as well as show current prices and offers.

There is a wide range of merchandise that can help you display these offers with displays, such as a stylish custom Chalkboard to showcase the latest wine deals or the Price Display Clip to combine items within display baskets.

If you’re making display stands for special discounts and offers, it is important to ensure they appear professional. However, be sure not to over-complicate and clutter the display stands for visitors. Display stands that are well-designed will aid in the sale of these bargain items.

Inform Customers About New Products

Your customers will not be aware you’ve got a new item in the store if you don’t show it and let them know.

One of the most straightforward methods to accomplish this is by using the use of a display stand. There are many different display stands that need to be alike. So think outside the box when it comes to displaying brand new products.

If, for instance, you have a store selling homeware and you’ve got a new line of crockery to sell Don’t simply lay them out on a flat floor, make use of an Acrylic Display Stand to help to increase height, give the product more depth, and showcase the item more.

In the end, you need to showcase your latest products in the most attractive light, and make customers take a moment to examine them.

Take a look at what you are placing on this stand and where they will be in your shop and how to get the most value from each display stand that you make use of them.

Inspire Impulse Purchases
free standing display unit

The POS stands are necessary in a store you can persuade customers to buy on impulse by placing items in particular locations.

To maximise the value of these displays, consider placing low-cost, appealing or common items close to the till, or in the vicinity where customers will line up to.

Create displays that are interesting and appealing, since they will entice customers to browse and, often, results in them purchasing more items that they did not come in.

The type of store you have and the type of store you operate, the POS display stand could be advertising many different items.

The kind of display stand that you select will depend on the display you’re showing, but something such as a Small Dump Bin or a Free-Standing Shelving Unit is a great alternative for these kinds of displays.

Maximise The Potential Of Your Space

All in all, having the right sort of display stands in your shop will let you maximise the space you’re given.

It allows you to show as many items as you want without appearing messy or cluttered. With this wide range of display stand options to pick from, you can choose which one is best suited to the design of your shop, as well as the look of it.

Think about the number of products you’d like to showcase in the space you think should be displayed, and what you would like your displays to appear like.

Then, you can choose the ideal display stand to suit your needs and make sure that your products are showcased in the best possible way.

1. Attention!

Humans as a species have a tendency to be attentive to things that are different or unusual. This is the reason why the out-of-the-aisle FSDU outperformed the in aisle free standing display board in a ratio of 5:1.

Not surprisingly, you’ll notice that the FSDU display is far more enticing and attractive than the less effective product offerings in the aisle.

The FSDU is 5 times more effective at grabbing customers’ attention and scoring 64% in contrast to the score in aisle of only 13 percent.

2. Appeal

In the second, we shifted our attention to how each of the solutions initially appeals to shoppers in-store. The FSDU design and colour palette was particularly effective in this way. In particular, the imagery on the FSDU brought about a certain emotional connection to shoppers passing by.

3. Engagement

How engaging and psychologically stimulating is each display when it is in the store? In this regard this time, the FSDU was the obvious winner, with an efficiency score of 56%. This is nearly twice that of the aisle offerings (33 percent).

Free Standing Display Units and Making Them Work

free standing display unit
counter top displays

For free, Standing Display Units (FSDUs) are an extremely common image in the high-street stores as well as supermarkets.

It is not surprising that companies pay huge sums to retailers for prime spaces within the store. As the name implies, free-standing displays that are display in a way that they stand out from other shelves products.

They serve as a promotion device that will be see by the majority of customers and ensure that they’ll draw the attention of potential customers. With regards to ROI FSDUs provide a price efficient method for in-store promotions.

They’re usually made of cardboard, so they aren’t costly to manufacture or replace and can be produce in any size to accommodate a large number of items.

Despite the popularity in these displays, you still have a brief time frame to create a lasting impression and entice the buyer to buy. 


FSDU styles and methods are always evolving, and everyone is looking for something new. The latest trends showcase striking colours and big brands to create the most impact.


 FSDUs near the end of aisles, or near tills, so that they are easily see. Place it in front of the products that match, as an added-on e.g. sauces that go with BBQ food.

In creating the shelving with a tilt and orienting the item towards the customer near their eyes will give them greater visibility.


The countertop display unit device must convey the correct message quickly and concisely, so, ensure that your headline is simple, clear and benefit-driven.

The Customer

When you are deciding on the design of the FSDU take a look about your customers first. Stores catering to those who are discerning should consider high-end counter top displays units, whereas price-based stores might require more economical materials.


Keep FSDUs looking newer longer by adding skirting made of plastic to the base of the units. This will protect against wear and regular cleaning.


The more simple manufacturers make it easier for retailers, the faster the products will be place on the floor. If you employ an installer team transport, install and sell the unit more quickly, it will be in the store floor.