The Importance of Proper Horse Saddling

Horse owners frequently consider the saddle that only fitting the horse well, even if it does not fit them well and they will just make do. The saddle fitting your horse comfortably is vital, that the panel isn’t too long, that the tree is the proper form, and that it doesn’t limit the shoulders. However, it should also be considered how well or poorly the rider fit in the saddle. Regardless how well the saddle fits the horse, this will also have an impact on how the horse goes into the saddle.

Is the saddle the proper length?

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The horse’s muscles will be overworked if the rider is too heavy for the panel surface area of the saddle, which can happen for two reasons. If the rider is thin but tall or long-legged, they may not fit properly in the saddle and end up sitting on the back of it, which puts too much weight in that area and leads to muscular atrophy.

Does the flap shape suit the rider?

This is a strange one since it won’t harm the horse physically, but it will impact the rider’s comfort and confidence in the saddle. They might cling to the horse’s mouth in an attempt to balance themselves, which would stop the horse from moving. Their excessive leg gripping may force the horse to advance quickly. The horse may get fearful if the rider isn’t sure they’ll be able to keep on, which can result in sleepiness, reluctance to go on rides, and other issues.

Are you using the correct saddle for the activity you are doing?

There are riders who use a straight cut saddle or a functioning hunter saddle (which is basically a show saddle) for the wrong activity. Some thought that a straight cut saddle or stock saddles is sufficient. The issue with using the wrong saddle is that if you need to jump, you would require enough saddle in front your leg and if you want to be able to ride a little bit shorter and move forward.

If you can’t do this, you wind up sitting bolt erect over the fence without realizing it and without truly releasing your hands, which makes the horse jump extremely squarely up and down. There are some riders who does not have any problems with using any saddle and could jump with perfect form and balance while wearing a saddle with a very straight cut. But if you are not endowed with the same kind of stable seat and strong core, make sure that you use the correct saddle for the activity you want to do.

Are you using the correct block size?

Large surface blocks on dressage saddles are the latest fashion; if the block is placed correctly for you, it will feel wonderful and comfortable; if it is not, it will be really uncomfortable. Your knee will likely wind up being somewhat on top of the block if the block is pulling your leg back beyond where you can physically ride. This will push your knee out and bring your leg away from your horse’s sides, making it difficult to use your legs.

The saddle must fit both you and your horse properly. A lot of riders have lost confidence and aren’t getting the most fun out of their horses, all because of a saddle that doesn’t allow them to ride as well as they could.

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