The Cheapest Travel Destinations In the World in 2022


Which nations around the globe have the best price? Where do you want to travel to in 2022 and allow you to be there longer, enjoy an improved standard of living and save money? This list of thirty locations around the world provides accommodations, shipping, and food.


ASIA: Laos, $30 per day

Laos is one of the two countries which I explored while backpacking Southeast Asia on a tight budget, even though accommodation there was slightly more expensive than in the majority of other places in the age. There are a lot of affordable and exciting activities to enjoy in Laos which cost $2.50 for a visit to one of the beautiful waterfalls. $7 for a whole day of tubing on the Vang Vieng, and $6 for a wonderful massage using tiger balm. 

Uttari betta trek is one of the most most beautiful trek of Bangalore India, you can enjoy this trek with friends.

In addition, you can rent a bike and drive to smaller cities, which are also more affordable! It is possible to stay on a budget for longer as there are increasing numbers of hostels being constructed to cater to the increasing amount of travelers. If you have more cash to spend it is possible to get an amazing space that would typically cost you $100 in America. The US for less than $35.

The average is $3-9 per day for meals. Several hostels serve a simple breakfast.

Hostel rooms range from $5-10 per night.

Travel expenses: between $6 and $15 for a full day’s rental of a motorbike (prices can vary based on the state of the bike as well as your bartering ability) and up to $25 to purchase a ticket for Intercity buses. An information SIM card with a 30 days validity for just the price of $6. 1.5GB.



Vietnam, $30 per day 2

It is believed to be home to the most healthy and affordable local food in Vietnam. Take a look at a soup bowl at $1.50 which includes a complete shank of pork Rice noodles, and cilantro as well as a delicious broth or a cup of a robust, delicious coffee. Renting a motorbike can take care of all of your transportation needs throughout the entire day. Be aware that not everyone is at ease on motorcycles, especially in countries like Vietnam where the traffic flow can be chaotic. The good thing is that GrabBike is an app similar to Uber but with bikes, is used extensively in the major cities of the world, and costs only $0.50 for a two-kilometre ride!


Cambodia, $25 per day

You can certainly spend some time in Cambodia for less than $1000 if you choose to live rough. Although they are affordable, dorms are as cheap as meals and drinks. I had my negotiation skills to be grateful for, as I was able almost every time to convince Tuk Tuk drivers out of charging excessively. There are a few one-time costs for example, such as the $32 3-day Angkor Wat pass, and diving excursions that cost a lot in the long run, but there are times when just one dollar can be a significant amount such as when you’re cycling through a village enjoying a delicious and inexpensive meal on skewers.


In northern Thailand, daily costs $30

The north of Thailand is easy to explore on a tight budget. The cost of lodging can start at a minimum of double, three, or sometimes quadruple when traveling south. If you have only a small amount of time and funds for your journey to Thailand. Even in the most well-known areas such as Chiang Mai and Pai, it’s easy to get modest rooms for less than $5. If you choose to eat local cuisine, not just can you cut costs, but the experience will be real and flavorful (To everyone’s taste But why should you eat pasta when you could have pad Thai isn’t it? ).


Indonesia Cost per day $30

The most interesting aspect of Indonesia is the fact that based on one crucial element transportation, it could be extremely inexpensive or very expensive. Intercity travel as well as using private boats to move between islands are extremely time- and cost-intensive. Try to stick with the same area to save cash! There’s a lot to do and see, so staying in one area will let you travel further and experience more enjoyable experiences.


$35 per day in the Philippines

The archipelago of the Philippines is costly and time-consuming. Moreover, there aren’t as many accommodation alternatives as you can find in the two Southeast Asian nations. There are ways to cut down the cost of travel in the Philippines even though these two issues could appear to be a major negative for travelers looking to expand their budgets as much as feasible. The Philippines can still be affordable price-wise to go if you select times that are not peak and book your flight and itinerary in advance (this isn’t a place in which you can’t just do what you want! ) Try to stick within one or two areas.


Malaysia, $35 per day

Malaysia one of the countries with the highest levels of economic prosperity in Southeast Asia is generally regarded as expensive. Additionally, a handful of people have said to me that it was not worth the time in Malaysia.