The best video downloaders for YouTube

Downloading videos from YouTube and other sites might seem a bit redundant, since you can technically only download videos that you own the rights to. Why bother using a video downloader to grab videos you already own?

Mostly because high resolution video files are huge.

If you keep all your videos, you’ll quickly run into the need for a pricey cloud storage solution or a closet full of hard drives (also pricey). A video downloader enables you to outsource your video storage to YouTube, or another video hosting platform, and retrieve your content if and when you need it.

What to look for in a video downloader

Given that the overall purpose of a video downloader is efficiency, it is important that the downloader you use meets some minimum standards.

Here’s what to look for:

No personal data collection. Video Downloader only needs your email address when asking for personal information.

It’s fast and easy to use. A video downloader should have a simple user interface and be fast enough not to throw a wrench at your YouTube video production device.

Multi-platform support. It is most efficient to use a single video downloader to get videos from all the video hosting and social media platforms you use. Unfortunately, depending on where you upload your videos, one video downloader may not cover all your bases. However, it is better to rely on fewer video downloaders.

No malware. Any video downloader that installs malware is disqualified.

As expected, all the best video downloaders that are worth using meet these requirements. And some of them go extra miles.

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