The Best NLP Practitioner Certification Training In Dubai

NLP Practitioner Certification Training

The best NLP training and certification from the world’s first online NLP institute

NLP Certification Training for NLP Practitioners and Masters

100% Online with unlimited NLP Zoom training every week!

NLP Online Training Certification

Our NLP training and certification – Practitioner and Master levels

100% accredited and certified NLP training

23 Modules, 107 audios, 23 videos, and over 100 webinars.

Self-paced online training – no need to travel anywhere!

Unlimited live NLP training sessions in our virtual classrooms – small group web conference format – 10 sessions each week!

Lifetime access to your NLP training materials

Live expert help when you need it, via email, online chat, and phone.

Connect with other students to practice NLP

A private Facebook group just for students

Over 30 years of international NLP training experience

No hidden fees or extras – certificate included!

This NLP training is accredited by:

International Coach Federation ICF (you get 24 hours of instructor training if you take the training along with our NLP Master Training).

International NLP Association (entitles you to NLP certification).

5-star student certification

I really like the training at the NLP center. I have read many books on NLP in the past, but I find the teaching and materials here much more helpful. Now, as a result of these courses, I feel and sense that I can really start helping people. I was so surprised at how great this course is that I told my wife about it and now she has signed up for the training too.

Because I am learning so much, I am thinking of doing another hypnosis training and education. I have such a deep desire to help others overcome their limiting beliefs and I don’t think there is another organization that can prepare me to help others as well as the NLP Practitioner Certification Training. Thank you so much for offering this wonderful training.”

Your success is our most important challenge

In most online NLP courses, you simply sign up for training and are left on your own. You can watch a few videos and take a few tests, but how do you know if you’re applying the techniques of neuro-linguistic programming correctly? This is a common problem with online NLP training, which is why we designed our NLP certification course with this in mind.

We provide the infrastructure that allows you to learn in a flexible online format, but still gives you the control you need to master your NLP skills. We assign tasks that require you to apply what you learn to your own self-improvement and in working with others. You will then submit reports in which we can actually assess your understanding of the tools and techniques and provide the necessary feedback.

There are no multiple-choice questions

You learn by doing!

Through a series of mandatory offline activities we call “Psyche Builders,” secret missions, and coaching exercises, you’ll integrate your new skills and report back on your experiences. You’ll be able to use the neuro-linguistic programming tools you’ve learned in your everyday life. These activities will integrate your new skills and provide you with opportunities for personal growth! That’s why Michael Grinder says in NLP, “Your life is your classroom.”

The advantage of our style of training is that you can use your new NLP skills in the environment they are designed for, not in a classroom. So if you don’t integrate successfully or have questions, we are always ready to help. You won’t find this kind of ongoing, comprehensive training and certification support anywhere else! We are here to help you every step of the way!

Our NLP trainers are available every day to work with you on our online courses!

We want you to succeed and achieve your goals. Our online courses provide a great opportunity to connect individually with our trainers, practice your NLP skills, and network with other students from around the world. With several live neuro-linguistic programming and coaching sessions per week, you’ll be able to attend as often as you like and as your schedule allows. You get unlimited live sessions for free when you register!

NLP Masterclass training at the NLP Center is different

Many NLP training centers offer NLP Master Practitioner training, which is just an expansion of the practitioner material with the addition of some brand new material. They simply teach a wider range of techniques. Instead of learning the same thing, NLP takes you to a whole new level of understanding. NLP Master Practitioner offers unique models of human development and communication that put NLP techniques into a useful context; methods that are not based on practitioner-level NLP materials.

For example, the SAC model is the basis for training NLP practitioners. At the practitioner level, the SAC model and the various practices that flow from it are taught. What will you learn in the NLP Master Practitioner training? Even more methods and practices are derived from the SAC model!

The VAK model is amazing and well worth taking the time to learn. However, once you have mastered the basics of VAK and the various processes learned in NLP Master Practitioner training, you can expand your repertoire of VAK techniques simply by reading about them. You don’t have to pay someone to teach you another variation of what you already know.

(Our NLP Master Practitioner training is the advanced NLP training that you must take after becoming certified as an NLP Practitioner. You can also sign up for both pieces of training at the same time at a significant discount, this is called combined NLP training).

Self-paced with lifetime access!

Our online NLP certification training can be taken fully online in a blended learning format. Our online training center is open 24/7, 7 days a week, 7 days a week, and all year round. You can work from any phone, tablet, or computer as long as you have internet access. Once registered, you can start your NLP training program whenever you want and work at your own pace.

There is no time limit or deadline for the courses – you can study as much as you want. Even after completing the program, you will have unlimited access to materials, live training sessions, and even our trainers! There are no annual membership fees to stay active or continue your membership in our organization.

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