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Procedure And Law For Adoption Of A Child In Pakistan

In Pakistan, there is no specific law governing the adoption of a child. Usually, only verbal consent is obtained from the child’s biological parents, which is not sufficient to legally obtain custody of the adopted child, as such adoption is often followed by false allegations of abduction or litigation by the biological parents who have changed their minds and want their child back.

Whether you are adopting a child from relatives or strangers, it is advisable to follow the proper procedure to avoid future problems or inconveniences. At Voiceofjustice Law Associates, we have decades of experience in the field of child adoption. We have developed a very simple and convenient process for registering the adoption of a child with the court.

Whether you want to stay in Pakistan with your adopted child or travel abroad with him/her, our tried and tested legal strategy has helped many wealthy adoptive parents to live with their adopted child without fearing that he/she will later be kidnapped by his/her real parents.

As mentioned earlier, there is no law in Pakistan that prescribes the procedure for adopting children in Pakistan. Below are the steps of our proven strategy that can help you file the adoption of a child with the Pakistani courts and protect your interest in the child:

Step 1: Report From A Recognized Specialist On The Child’s Medical Condition

Before registering a contract, it is important that a reputable pediatrician perform a complete examination of the child and issue a medical report proving that the child is in good health.

Phase 2: Preparation Of The Adoption Contract

Family Lawyer in Lahore

As with any other contract, it is important that it contain an offer and an acceptance:

The contract must contain detailed information about the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive parents. The home where the adopted child will live with the adoptive parents.

The contract must state the reasons for the birth parents’ transfer of the child to the adoptive parents.

The contract must also clearly state that the adoptive parents have the absolute right to retain custody of the adopted child.

The specialist lawyers at Voiceofjustice Law Associates are the best family lawyers in Lahore. We have extensive experience in drafting child adoption agreements that suit your needs. We provide you with maximum protection to avoid future attempts by birth parents to reverse the adoption. Each adoption agreement is drafted with your needs, facts and circumstances in mind.

Step 3: Receipt Of Guardianship Certificate From The Court

After signing the adoption contract, the adoptive parents must appear before the Guardianship Court to be declared guardians of the minor. For this purpose, a petition is filed in which the court requests the birth parents to make a statement before the court.

After hearing both parties and presenting evidence to the court, the court issues a guardianship certificate in favor of the adopted child. Throughout the process, we will ensure that you do not have to appear in court unnecessarily. You only need to appear in court once with your adopted child, and we will handle the entire process for you.

Step 4: Planning A Trip Abroad With Your Child

If the adoptive parents want to travel abroad with the adopted child, official permission from the court is required. It is important to know that permission to take the adopted child outside the court’s jurisdiction requires official permission, which can only be requested after you have obtained the guardianship certificate.

An application for permission to travel abroad must be filed with the court, and the court will grant permission to travel abroad after considering the reason for travel.

At Voiceofjustice Law Associates, we have made the child adoption process not only easier but also safer and more convenient for adoptive parents. You no longer have to worry about the real parents trying to undo the adoption. For a consultation, please feel free to contact us and we will take care of the entire process.

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