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Top 10 Accounting Software used in the UAE

Hundreds of software packages are available for accounting and business management. For business owners and managers, choosing the Best Accounting Software In Dubai for their particular business can be a complex task. When you buy accounting services from an accounting firm, you get the right accounting system and you don’t have to invest in software.

But if you have an in-house finance team, the choice of software is important. Some package software is considered best for different industries, sizes and business types, while others are specific to certain industries. Most software can effectively handle basic accounting functions. The real difference between packaged software lies in the user interface, additional features and special functions.

It is not possible to make a meaningful assessment of accounting software without some form of delimitation of this area. No accounting or business management software is ideal for all users. For a list to be valid, it must clearly indicate the business or user to which it is addressed. This list focuses on mid-sized companies ($500-250 million) and advanced business management software, known as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

The software will be judged loosely on the basis of popularity and brand awareness. Well-known brands are at the top of the list, while lesser-known brands are at the bottom. The fact that a brand is well-known does not necessarily mean that it will meet the needs of a particular user, and sometimes a lesser-known brand may be more appropriate. Here’s a list of the top 10 ERP software in Dubai and other UAE emirates.

1 – Quickbooks accounting software.

Intuit QuickBooks is one of the best-known names in accounting software in the world. Quickbooks Enterprise ERP is widely considered as one of the best business management software in the market. It has the QuickBooks interface, is intuitive to use and easy to learn. Almost all professional accounting firms use QuickBooks as part of their accounting software or are familiar with its file format, which allows QuickBooks users to send QuickBooks data directly to accounting services.

QuickBooks Enterprise Edition is ideal for mid-sized companies up to $250 million in size, offering a number of pre-configured and customized solutions for specific industry needs. Larger companies can benefit from more specialized products. For accounting professionals, the terminology and operations can be somewhat daunting due to the lack of overview. On-demand options are available to ensure access to data anytime, anywhere.

2 – SAP ERP.

SAP ERP is the market-leading business management solution from the widely used and renowned software giant SAP, with 50,000 customers, supporting 37 languages and offering 45 localizations. It provides business solutions for core functions such as product planning, human resource management and finance, as well as many other specific functions. The recently launched SAP S4 Hana has significantly improved the user experience.

3 – odoo open source ERP and Crm.

Are you tired of chasing teams to do things for your business that ERP systems can do themselves? Do you have dozens of separate programs that do the work, but they don’t talk to each other, so you have to do twice the work to communicate information to each program? Questions like these are common for our customers and very important for companies looking for an ERP automation solution that synchronizes 100% of their processes.

Thanks to Odoo’s expertise in the world’s most renowned ERP system, tailored to your company’s needs, we guarantee a 50% reduction in staff time spent running out-of-sync software and applications. Today, Odoo is used by 7 million users worldwide to help their businesses grow exponentially.

4 – ZOHO – pioneering FTA certification software

ZOHO stands out and is recognized for its versatility and ability to connect hundreds of applications used by millions of people every day. Cloud storage is seamlessly possible with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, for example. The mobile version runs on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone, so there are no limits to what you can do. You can handle sales, orders, invoicing, payments and banking, and keep in touch with estimates, projects and workflows.

One of the most important aspects nowadays is VAT integration; you need to be able to keep track of VAT (as new laws have just come into force) if you want to avoid costly fines. ZOHO is one of the few accounting packages officially approved by the UAE Federal Tax Authority. Overall, it is an excellent choice for consumers.


Sage ERP X3 is marketed as an alternative to traditional ERP solutions. It simplifies the complex structure of most ERP software with a cloud-based ordering service that can be accessed from any browser. The interface is not as simple as QuickBooks, but it offers more advanced features for experienced or professional users. There is a version that users can install on their own infrastructure and fully customize to their business needs. Sage X3 is scalable and ready to grow as your business grows. It is recommended for medium-sized businesses.

6 – TALLY ERP 9:

Several versions of Tally ERP 9 are available, configured for a specific purpose, business type or user. All options build on the features of Tally.ERP9 and add features or functionality designed for a specific business user. Tally.ERP9 is marketed as the “complete business management solution” and has nearly one million users worldwide. A comprehensive range of business management features are available, including support for audit, tax, multi-site and even multi-company. There is also a powerful connectivity option to keep data from multiple locations up to date.

7 – XERO

Xero has defined classic accounting into the new modern cloud-based accounting so brilliantly that millions of businesses have migrated to Xero. Not only does it save accountants time, it also has an app store that allows you to connect hundreds of popular apps to Xero Accounting and transform traditional accounting into modern, advanced accounting.

You can connect apps to multiple functions such as sales, CRM, HR, e-commerce, warehousing, etc. We at Bestaxca Global are a Xero certified partner and can help you with Xero implementation, training and accounting thanks to our extensive experience. Make the choice today and replace your old-fashioned accounting with digital cloud-based accounting – a decision you won’t regret.


Microsoft Dynamics AX leverages Microsoft’s well-known brand to provide a scalable and easy-to-use business management solution for medium to large enterprises. Microsoft’s breadth and expertise in software design provide a user-friendly package with an extensive support network.


Intacct is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) package for financial management. As a web-based solution, it is relatively inexpensive and requires very little installation. Fast-growing companies use Intacct because it is fast and easy to scale up as the company grows from small to medium size. It supports 2,400 users, 650 devices and 250,000 transactions per day. Intacct is fast approaching market leadership.

10 – MORE:

Epicor ERP and Epicor Cloud: Epicor is another software company focused on high-growth companies. Epicor offers two ERP solutions, Epicor ERP and Epicor Cloud ERP. Epicor describes itself as a “visionary ERP solution”. Epicor ERP is used by 5,000 customers in more than 80 countries and has proven to be easy to use, hardware compatible, scalable and fast.

Epicor Cloud ERP is offered specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. As a cloud-based solution, it can be deployed quickly and does not require complex hardware. The cloud application includes everything a business needs to manage operations, orders and resources in one ERP solution. It is already used by hundreds of companies and is becoming increasingly popular.

If ERP: IFS pioneered component-based ERP solutions. IFS Applications 8.0’s component-based architecture makes it easy to use, implement, and upgrade as your business grows. IFS reports more than 2,000 installations with 40 to 5,000 users. It is available as a server or cloud package.

Exact Max ERP: Exact Software offers Exact MAX ERP. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that are transitioning from traditional accounting systems to the world of digital ERP systems. One of the features of this software is integrated support for manufacturing processes. It also integrates easily with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intuit QuickBooks. It can be extended at any time with additional functions and modules.

Bestaxca Chartered Accountants is one of the leading accounting and auditing firms in Dubai that provides audit, accounting, bookkeeping, ERP software implementation and international tax services to large companies. Our presence across all continents has enabled us to provide integrated financial management services to all types of companies. We can help you better than anyone else with selecting the right systems and processes for your business. Forget the rest and team up with the best to get the benefits.

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