The Benefits of Suspended Access Systems in Different Sites

web systems
web systems

The whole point of access systems is making work easier. Nobody wants to work in a complicated setup because it wastes time and makes the work process more difficult.

When your team checks into work, they need the best systems to make everything flow. New systems, such as suspended access decks, have several advantages over others. So, you’re most likely to come across them in many high-rise construction sites, jetties, and conveyor systems.

Here are the perks of using suspended access systems, which make them a better choice over others.

The Advantages of Suspended Access Systems

Today, the most popular suspended access systems are the best because they solve the access challenge. WEB systems, like the WEB Deck, and WEB Net, have a broad spread of uses.

They are the best for construction, maintenance, refurbishment, and inspection for these reasons:

Fast Installation

Access systems, such as scaffolding, are more complicated to install. Therefore, suspended access systems are much better. As long as the site has specific anchoring, it’s easy to fix the system and get to work.

For instance, up to 270 square meters of the WEB Deck can be fit into a jetty underdeck in a single shift. In addition, according to research, suspended access systems are about 40% faster to install than traditional scaffolding.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is one of the most important features of access systems. The platform must be solid enough to support workers and their tools. Accidents on high-rise building constructions are common because of poor access platforms.

Fortunately, suspended access systems are extremely safe and comply with legislation. Moreover, these platforms reduce the time workers have to spend suspended, thus lowering the chances of accidents.

access systems uk
access systems UK


Suspended access systems are lightweight. They have low volumes and fewer components than other access systems. However, that does not make them any less safe.

Typical WEB access systems are 20 kilograms per square meter.

Full Containment Features

Suspended access systems have side containment or full containment features or encapsulation. Some are fully installed, and workers have rope access.

This feature makes these access systems installable in many ways.

Require Minimal Storage

Suspended access systems are excellent for making work easier. Since they are usable in many ways, they should also be easy to store. Unfortunately, some sites don’t have enough space to accommodate bulky access systems.

So, if such is the case in your site, consider using suspended access systems over other traditional systems.

Cheap to Transport

Access systems must be easy and cheap to transport. You may have different sites and need to use the product in all of them. The cheaper the product is to transport, the better since access systems are installable in the remotest parts.

Compatibility with Tidal Conditions

Suspended access systems, like the WEB Deck, perform their function even in tidal conditions. Thus, if you need to install the system in piers, jetties, or underneath bridges, you shouldn’t worry about having the product destroyed. Some products are made using a grated aluminum finish for more efficiency.

Suspended access systems in the UK are available for many applications. Moreover, they are much better than traditional access systems due to their many benefits.