The Benefits Of Personal Care Services

As we grow older, we all need a little help with certain daily activities. Personal care services are there to help. Not only can they provide assistance with personal care, they can also give us the peace of mind that we need. The following are a few of the benefits of personal care services:

Human Communication

While technology and HIT have become increasingly important in the delivery of personal care, oral communication remains an important component of patient-care. Human communication can improve patient-care by helping healthcare professionals devise the best possible plan of care. This type of communication is influenced by one’s personality, and how people interact with others. One way to think about it is this: If you don’t know how to read someone’s body language, then you won’t be able to understand what they’re saying or what they’re feeling.

Individualized Care

The concept of ‘individualized care’ has been discussed by health professionals for many years, but its exact definition has not been determined. Traditionally, the term has been used to describe services that involve a close relationship between a patient and the healthcare provider. As this relationship develops over time, personal care services are more likely to provide personalized care. In addition to providing personalized care, personal care services also foster relationships that promote open communication and better long-term management.

The aim of personal care is to support people to live a more active life and maintain their independence. The service is intended to help with daily living activities such as eating and drinking. So it should delivered by trained staff based on an individual’s needs assessment. This will ensure that the service user continues to be active and engaged in the right services. In addition, enabling care will help to improve the morale of the care team.

Continuity Of Relationship

The continuum of care involves three different aspects. These aspects, which are not mutually exclusive, promote and facilitate inter-organizational cooperation and shared responsibility. The three components of continuity are describe below. Continuity of relationship involves the mutual understanding of the health care providers and patients. However these relationships facilitate shared decision-making, personalized care, and decrease the risk of complications. These three factors, in combination with other aspects of care continuity, contribute to the quality of care.

Continuity involves bridging from past care to present and future care. In primary care and mental health care, relationship continuity is most valued. Nursing home care services Toronto and inpatient care, there is little expectation of ongoing relationships with multiple care givers. In these settings, continuity of care requires the presence of a core staff. However, continuity can facilitated by proxies. In this way, continuity is important in a variety of contexts.


The cost of nursing assessment and supervision is account for separately in the calculation of the cost of personal care services. The department determines regional ceilings for the costs of personal care services, nursing supervision, and nursing assessment, and multiplies them by two projected trend factors. Department uses the regional average to adjust the cost rates to reflect changes in inflation. The department uses cost reports from nursing supervision and assessment to determine the amount of reimbursement for each type of service.

Often personal care services include nutritional and environmental support functions. The person performing the personal care tasks may also need supervision or cueing. Generally, these are not standalone services. The cost of cueing not paid or reimbursed unless the aide also helps with nutrition or personal care functions. For personal care services, the cost report must be certified by the public official responsible for the operation of the organization. The certification form is include on the cost report forms. Visit Now