Temporary Work Visa Options

One cannot work in Australia without having a work permit. Candidates caught working in Australia without having a valid work visa should be deported immediately. So, If you are planning to visit Australia to fulfill your working requirements, you need a valid work visa. Work visas can be divided into two parts temporary work visas and permanent work visas.

One needs permission from the department of Home Affairs to enter the boundaries of Australia. A temporary work visa is also known as a short-stay visa. The basic purpose of this visa is to fulfill the shortage of skilled visas in Australia. Let’s check out the options involved in a Temporary work visa –

– TSS Visa (Temporary Skill Shortage)

This visa is valid Up-to 2-4 Years, TSS visa holders are allowed to work in Australia until their visa got expired. Businesses need to show the shortage of staff data to the department of home affairs to get the visa approved for the employee. While applying for the TSS visa, the candidate needs to attach a work experience of a minimum of two years and their age should not be more than 45 Years.

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– Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa

Skilled work Regional Provisional holders are allowed to work in regional Australia. To be eligible for this visa you must be nominated by the Australian State government.

– Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa

As we are aware of the fact that the basic purpose of a temporary work visa is to fulfill the shortage of skilled workers in Australia. Companies with a shortage of skilled workers import these workers from different countries to fill the shortage.

– Working Holiday Visa

People in the age group 18-30 are eligible to work in Australia under this visa. Such visa holders are eligible to work on holidays and they are allowed to work for up to Twelve Months.

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