Swimming For Children

If you have a newborn baby, of course, you are thinking about how to strengthen the early days of his immunity, help the nervous system to mature and develop him mentally and physically. With these all tasks Copes swimming. Water for children is a natural element, because the baby has spent 9 months in it, so do not be afraid to drop the baby in a familiar environment with lifeguard course.

The main advantage of swimming is that it grows up cheerful, active, healthy and intelligent. However, to get it, you should learn the training techniques for beginner adults to this “art”. If this is not possible or you are afraid to do it yourself, get a specially trained teacher. However, the mother and home furniture (bathroom) for baby are more comfortable conditions.

Activities such as swimming, for children should begin to do after the umbilical wound finally heals. Most often this happens 3 weeks after birth. However, do not delay, because you need to do the training even at that stage, when the fetal swimming reflex has disappeared. In addition, the child at this age is not afraid of water, because it is natural for him.

Swimming for children – it is a very useful exercise, but must start with the preliminary consultation with a doctor-pediatrician. If the baby does not have abnormalities or serious diseases, then there is nothing stopping to teach him to stay on the water. Although even for diseases such as cerebral palsy rehabilitation swimming is good, you just have to report it to the teacher.

Swimming for children can be arranged not only in the pool, but also at home. That’s why you need a bathroom, and some safety features. Water for lessons should have a temperature of 37 ° C. Advantages of the pool in this case lie in the fact that it maintains a constant temperature and experienced professionals.

Learning to swim children should be carried out regularly, at the same time can not be in a hurry. Start all classes, first in the home, because the pond – it is still a public place. Do not be afraid, because the more you believe in yourself, the sooner you will be able to teach a child to swim. Besides, if you’re afraid, be afraid too baby.

Swimming in the bath children only benefit. Due to exercise, you can adjust the sleeping baby, reduce hypertonicity of muscles, remove tension, harmonize emotional state. Of course, you must ensure the container (the bottom of the diaper, laid down that it does not seem too difficult). In addition, the child can be placed on a special circle that always supports your head above water. However, it does not deprive it of its support the baby needs to feel your warmth and care!

And thanks to swimming you can have in a short time to start hardening the baby procedure. However, sequence and degree of action is important. Believe me, the child will be very happy with the classes, and very soon he will grow up to be a real Olympic champion!

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