Summertime Fashion Trends for Women in 2022

There is nothing like the summer flavour of fashion. Everything has it’s time and everything has its season. Fashion is not indifferent to this rule. Summer trends are blasting out like never before this year. Your closet must be full of mini-skirts to simple tees and beloved sun dresses.

The female dress-sense is quite versatile. Every woman has their own personal style and flair they want to show off in their summer outfit. If you have the desire to stay relevant on the trend scale, all you have to do is incorporate these trends and personalize your summer outfit. Let’s get into the summertime trends for all you girls out there:

The Micro Frenzy

Summertime Fashion
image source: pexels

Who said bigger is better? Sorry to break it to you, but small is in. Micro mayhem has made a name for itself in summer of 2022. I’m definitely talking about that mini skirt. Kind of risqué, but classy too. You would have seen Chanel, Miu Miu, Versace and other big name fashion brands sporting these trends on the runway.

For a casual night, a crop top or a hoodie would do. You can find both cropped and long hoodies for women on fashionable online stores or a trip to the mall could complete your look. From shimmering glitter minis to the scorching denim mini skirt, this trend is not going out of style anytime soon.

Biker Chick

You don’t have to own a motorcycle to rock this trend, you just have to look like you have one. That’s right the biker jacket is heavy on trend this time around and your closet demands it! You could go for the classic oversized jacket paired with multiple zips or keep it funky with a mixture of denim and leather lapels. This will give you an edgy summer vibe.

Colour Hazard

Hazard in this case, is nothing bad or toxic. Bright hues are all the rage this year. Say bye-bye to the neutrals this summer and swap them out for unparalleled colour combinations that take a few seconds for the eyes to digest. Bright blues were combined with yummy yellows and raspberry pinks with electric orange or eclectic green. Be a walking a rainbow, not just any old rainbow but a fashion forward one. Jump on trend this summer, it sure is a fun one.

Keep it Fun at the Back

Dramatic designs at the back of your usually boring summer evening top or night out dress will ensure you are totally on trend. We saw Gucci dominating this trend in a fiery red that left every blessed witness in awe. Also, have you seen the satin mini-dress from Prada?

Boys are sure to line up once they see you in that dress. You are not going back in fashion-time, you are just combining both the present and the past with this trend. Talk about having a party at the back! If you want to grab some attention in the summer of 2022, this is a trend you need to try out!

Keep your summer style fun, fresh and hot this 2022!

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