Startling Facts about Web Design you Need to Know!

Web design basics that will help you create a fantastic website

Web designing is an inseparable part of digital marketing. Ideally, engaging a Long Island SEO company for getting online marketing strategies right is the best move. Considering that the internet has become an overcrowded marketplace, it has become immensely important to do things right the very first time! There are no scopes for any mistakes whatsoever! 

Before you look out for a specialist for SEO near me to take care of your online publicity requirements, here are some startling facts about web design and its importance that are bound to make you sit up and take note. 

Surprising Facts about the Importance of Web Design in the Online World

  1. Web Designing has a Perception Influence in 3 out of 4 Users: According to recent research conducted by The University of Stanford, 75% of website users have admitted to making solid judgments about a website and its credibility, based on the design elements. 
  2. You Simply Have Less than a Second: Now that credibility depends on web designing skills, how much time does a website have to impress a visitor! Sadly, it’s only about 50 milliseconds, which translates to about 0.05 seconds! That is all the time you get for impressing a visitor who has tripped in and is possibly about to leave! Therefore, decisions are made in the blink of an eye. 
  3. First Impressions are Last Impressions: Research has also gone on to prove that first impressions have become primary markers of credibility, and this is the impression that essentially lasts through. And this impression depends on the look and feel of the website, or the user experience generated by it caused by designing elements. 
  4. Small Mistakes have Longstanding Implications: Small mistakes have long-standing implications when it comes to web designing. You need a roofing expert who will see you through all the mistakes you have committed, how so ever small they might be. Be it a typographical mistake as minute as possible, a broken link, a spelling error, or a grammatical problem; all of these have longstanding impacts on the visitor. 
  5. Prioritize Mobile Friendliness over All Else: Believe it or not, over 92% of all online searches are now accomplished through mobile phones! That’s almost all of it! What is that likely to mean to you as a website owner or as a web designer? It would mean that a huge number of users will view your webpage on their mobile phone screens and your website should be optimized in that way! It should include special elements that are meant for mobile phone users and every feature of the page should load without any hiccups whatsoever. There is no point in spending on a website that cannot be accessed through a mobile interface or a tablet screen! 

When you are engaging a specialist for web design in Stony Brook, NY, you need to ensure that they have the required experience in creating websites for the kind of products or services offered by you. A specialist for FMCG web designing will work for a website dealing with spiritual growth and learning for instance! Choose carefully and ask the right questions before you finalize. 

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