Sparkling Sweet Sake: Japan’s Newest Beverage Category

Sparkling Sweet Sake, have you heard of it? Being far more approachable than traditional nihonshu, this is sometimes called “Japanese Champagne” (Japanese Sake). It’s so unique that even individuals who usually don’t like Sake like it.

Sparkling Sake: What Is It Made Of, And How Is It Created?

Sake that has an effervescent characteristic is referred to as sparkling Sake. There are several techniques to create this effervescence. Mainly, the process involves either fermentation or manual carbonation using CO2.
During the fermenting process, all Sakes have bubbles. However, they usually dissipate into the atmosphere, resulting in a flat, bubble-free final product. It’s possible to accomplish this in the tank during the sake-making process or after bottling by introducing an active yeast known as Kassie nigori.
Sake that is fermented with active yeast becomes fizzier over time. Sparkling wine and Champagne are prepared in a similar method.

Sparkling Sake Has the Following Characteristics:

Low Alcohol Content

Regular Sake has a much higher alcohol concentration. Sparkling’s ABV is often less than 10%. Amounts vary from 4% to 16%.

Sweet And Sour in Flavour

When it comes to the tastes of Sparkling Sake, there is a wide range depending on the type. Authentic Sake flavours to a more soft-drink taste may be found. Sparkling, however, has a pleasant sweetness with a tinge of tartness.
Most Sparkling Sake is made from the same materials as regular Sake (rice koji, yeast, and water) and has no added sugars.

Easier to Sip On

With a lower alcohol concentration and a sweet flavour, it’s simpler to consume than regular Sake. Sake has a distinctive flavour and a high alcohol concentration that may not be to everyone’s taste.

Sparkling Sake, on the other hand, introduces a whole new Sake category. Some Sake connoisseurs may find it overly light and refreshing.

For a long time, Sparkling Sake has been there. But recently, Sparkling Sake has become so popular that there are more than 100 different brands to choose from. The bubbly nature of Sake that still has active yeast or lees in the bottle is common.

However, the new Sparkling range has low alcohol content and giant bubbles. This is due to the discovery of a novel technique for producing low-alcohol Sake.

What Is It About Sparkling Sake That People Find So Enjoyable?

Although sparkling Sake has been around for a long time, there were just a few producers. Sparkling Sake has been dubbed “Japanese Champagne” by Japan in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which will be held in the country’s capital city.

Consequently, many Sparkling Sweet Sake producers, such as Inter Rice Asia Singapore Pte Ltd, have developed their unique drink brands. They have even come up with whole new methods for making sparkling Sake.