Sony’s new product will release QD-OLED absence? 618 You can grab these

OLED has always been the technical representative of the high-end TV market, and Sony is the brand representative of the high-end market, so the OLED category in Sony’s new products every year is particularly eye-catching. At CES in 2022, Sony released the world’s first QD-OLED panel TV A95K ( see: ” CES 2022: The World’s First QD-OLED TV Releases Sony A95K “), which has earned enough attention from the world, and will be followed by a real machine In the experience, we witnessed the first gorgeous appearance of the Sony A95K in China: ” The real shooting effect of the Sony QD-OLED TV A95K compared to the previous A90J “, to be honest, under the effect of the image quality gain of Sony’s exclusive XR cognitive chip, the A95K The eye-catching performance also makes us look forward to its listing in China. argos discount code nhs

The world’s first QD-OLED panel TV Sony A95K

Affected by the epidemic, Sony TV in Shanghai has delayed the release of new products in 2022 for many times. Recently, it was finally finalized to hold a new product launch conference for 2022 TV with the theme of “Core, Player, Home” on June 23. The press conference will announce the new lineup of this year’s BRAVIA XR series. Is the A95K coming?

First of all, we carefully identified a pass from this press conference warm-up poster, and found that there is no base style in the new product queue and the same model as the A95K exposure (as shown below). In the picture, there are double-sided brackets and a back bottom support base, but the front bottom support of the A95K does not appear. Can it be judged that the A95K will be absent from the domestic release?

The base style of the Sony A95K

In addition to these unreliable judgments, on the other hand, the supply problem of QD-OLED panels is also evidence that Sony A95K may not be able to land in the Chinese market. QD-OLED panels are produced by Samsung Display, but the production capacity is extremely limited, even only By purchasing OLED panels from “friends” LG Display (LG Display), it was reported recently that the negotiation between the two parties on purchasing OLED panels broke down, and Samsung can only rely on itself to solve the production capacity problem of QD-OLED panels. amazon promo code 10 off anything

So far, we have judged that there is a high probability that the A95K will not be able to see the domestic debut of the A95K at the new Sony TV release on the 23rd, but this does not affect the choice of Sony OLED TVs for high-end users. Except for the A95K series, Sony will still have more than 100 products in 2022. Multi-OLED TV new product planning:

  • Sony XR-83A90K
  • Sony XR-65A90K
  • Sony XR-55A90K
  • Sony XR-65A80K
  • Sony XR-55A80K
  • Sony XR-48A80K
  • Sony XR-42A80K

According to the previously exposed new product information, Sony has covered two series, five sizes, and a total of seven OLED TVs this year. I believe that after the press conference, you will definitely be able to find the best OLED CP combination for your PS5 host.

If you want to buy a Sony OLED TV at 618 today, you can also pay attention to the following Sony OLED TV products:

Sony’s first batch of PS5 specially optimized TVs come as low

Recently, Sony announced the first batch of “Ready for PlayStation5” BRAVIA TV lineup, and said “CP, it must be official”.

Sony’s first batch of PS5 specially optimized TVs come as low as 5499 yuan

The lineup covers the full-array backlight 4K HDR TV X9000H/X9088H/X9100H and the 8K HDR TV Z8H. The four TVs support a 4K 120Hz refresh rate, input latency as low as 7.2ms, and come standard with a higher-bandwidth HDMI 2.1 interface.

Sony’s first batch of PS5 specially optimized TVs come as low 

According to Sony, the four TVs can ensure low latency after turning on the BRAVIA game mode, while allowing the DualSense wireless handle to turn on the TV, PS5 , etc., and the TV remote control can also seamlessly control the PS5. In addition, the X9xxx series and Z series are also the best among Sony TVs in terms of audio and video, which is enough to present a better console gaming experience.  Save with Currys discount code, Currys NHS discount code and Currys promo code NHS, Currys nhs voucher code, Currys NHS discount, Currys Coupon code 10 Off and Currys discount code NHS

Sony’s first batch of PS5 specially optimized TVs come as low as 5499 yuan

Among them, the cheapest on sale is the X9088H, the official price of 55 inches