Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Business

What constitutes an effective social media strategy? There are three key pieces to effective social media marketing strategies.
• Planning
• Time Management
• Commitment

When it comes to developing effective marketing strategies for social media, a recent study found that 52% of social advertisers work “without a game plan,” which is very similar to what another 50% study found in their April 2010 survey of 50%. What is even more confusing is the people who thought they had a plan but felt that it was not exactly what they needed even if they were on their way. This concern is the reason why planning is at the top of the list when developing effective marketing strategies. In order to put some of this stress on the bed it is important to carry out the following steps during planning.

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Assign Resources – Decide who will manage the marketing strategies within your organization and what resources they will have.

Research what your competitors do with social media – By looking at each of the major sites you will be able to see what they were doing and how their pages and links have been developed. You will also be able to see what they have achieved and by seeing how many “friends”, “fans”, etc. they have.

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Register Brand Names – it is very important to make sure you are able to access your company name on all social media because your customers will be looking for you and want to make sure they reach you and not your “bad twin”

Planning can make the difference between a social media campaign you are trying to create and one that you think might work in the future, but you are not sure if you are fully involved and using effective marketing strategies to create a successful social media campaign. .

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