Social Media Manager: What Does it Do and How is it Different?

If you are in love with the progress that we can see in social networks to do Inbound Marketing, and you are one of those who recognize the good work of others, it is likely that when you see the campaign in networks of your favorite brand you ask yourself: «How do they do to generate so much influence on others?” or “Where does so much creativity come from?”…

Okay. Just as they say that behind an achievement there is always a great job of graphic design (and it is true). In this case, we can say that, behind the success of a social media campaign, there is a great Social Media Manager and, of course, an excellent team led by him.

Now, if you have come this far, more questions may arise such as: “what is a Social Media Manager?”, “what functions does it carry out within the social media marketing company Dubai?”, “is there a career path to be able to hold this position? » and “is it the same as Community Manager?”.

Don’t worry! Today we will take advantage of this blog to solve all the mysteries regarding a Social Media Manager. What are their functions, when is it necessary to appoint one to the team, why can they currently become so important within the organization… among other concerns you may have.

So, I invite you to take out a pencil and paper. And in 6 minutes take from here everything you can learn for your professional career and so that you can also share it with your loved ones.

Prepared? Here we go!

What is Social Media Manager?

Let’s start with the basics, what is a Social Media Manager?…

In general terms, it is the person in charge of leading, managing and evaluating the social media team of a company or organization, according to the marketing actions arranged.

Is it the same person who fulfills the role of Community Manager? The answer is no!

Although in some places these two roles are often confused, later you will realize why they are not the same.

But, before continuing, it is important to remember about the evolution of communications over time. Since, if we analyze types of content and the ways in which companies communicated their strategies shortly before 2010, traditional methods (TV and Radio) were the ones that could generate the greatest reach. Media that, although they are still used with a massive and direct strategy, now have low interaction with their target audience.

So, nowadays, and especially in the last decade, social networks have become a perfect means of communication to position a brand in the market, or on the contrary, to finish it off.

All this evolution has generated new demands from our audiences or leads (people who leave us their contact information). Those who seek to be close to a brand or to be able to interact with it in real time, what we like the most as humanity. Social networks, with all their tools, lead us to update our knowledge to meet these needs.

Hence the importance of the Social Media Manager and social media marketing. This person is in charge of leading the entire process of operating strategies in social networks. From its inception, through strategic planning based on the needs of each market, through the execution process, until reaching the point of collecting metrics and evaluating the results of your work plan.

And of course, make decisions!

Are you already getting to know what a Social Media Manager is? I hope your answer is positive because, next, we are going to answer the questions that we considered at the beginning of the reading.

What is the difference between a Social Media Manager and a Community Manager?

To understand the differences between these two roles, let’s see this comparison between what is a Social Media Manager and Community Manager.

Did you solve this your doubt with the previous comparative table? In short, both functions are important for the brand. The first strategically plans, directs and evaluates, while the other is directly related and executes what is planned.

It is worth mentioning that in a hierarchical order the person who works as Social Media Manager is the leader of the area where the Community Manager operates.

Is there a career that certifies me as a Social Media Manager?

Currently there are different specializations in Digital Marketing that can provide you with knowledge about this discipline, as well as different courses of very good quality in which you can deepen your knowledge.

Some examples of online education platforms to study this branch of digital marketing are:

  • plazi
  • hoot-suite
  • iebschool
  • coursera
  • Among others

In addition, it will be necessary to have knowledge of tools such as:

  • Buffer
  • hoot-suite
  • SproutSocial
  • agorapulse